Thursday, December 25, 2008

23 May—2 June 08

I was working during BookFest at KLCC from 23 May—2 June 08.
It’s the biggest book fest in Southeast Asia.
I worked night shift on 23 May 08 from 10pm till 12pm of the next day.

Staffs were mostly comprised of university and college students...
popular staffs from the outlets of whole Malaysia.

Thousands of staffs in total at there...
I was considered as one of the youngests over there.
We all were gathered and divided into different sections by HR staffs.
Area of works and related information was briefed by them to us.
Get started!
Unwrapping stocks of books,
setting up those shelves,
arrange those books and so forth...
Working non-stop!
Of course,
there were 2 session of short breaks

Setting up~


24 May 08,
first day of book fest.
Our job weren’t that hard compared to the preparation of book fest as we did previously.
We were required to stand from 9:45am - around 10pm everyday.
Hmm… reached home around 12am if there’s any overtime


I had the chance of meeting those famous people,

Including Fahrenheit, Taiwan writers and chief, Tun Mahathir, television celebrities at there


Oh yeah,

There was one thing that made me feel sad about…

It was happened on the last day of the book fest…

A customer came to me and inquired me for a book titled “ 100 types of happiness ” by XX if I am not mistaken.


As usual,

I asked for the publisher..

Bla bla bla…

To narrow the searching range.

I still couldn't find it even asked few section leaders and searched in the computer…

I returned to the customer.

But he looked very wanting for that book,

And told me it actually translated from English to Chinese…


I strode quickly to another hall, English hall to look for that book…

Few procedures were did…

Running here and there but yet,

Still couldn't find yet…

I returned with disappointment to my booth and apologized to the customer.


He was looking for this book for a period…

Went to few outlets and yet,

Still couldn’t get it..

It’s a motivational book I heard,

According to him.

Later on then only I found out he has no left arm!


Can be described as handicapped person?

Not really I think…

He’s not much different than other people besides that particular deficiency.

In fact,

He is an optimistic guy when I saw he chatted happily with his friends.

I can feel the disappointment at him when I said I couldn’t get him the book…

Even though he replied never mind and thanked me for searching so hard for that book


With smile and grateful when he spoke!


This made me feel more sorry..

I failed to get the book he wanted…


we are in 1 team ^^

my partner & I


my ex-supervisor

YP & KY =D

my visa xD

my booths... (before & after)

On 1 June 08,
Which was the last day of the book fest,
Popular has extended the business hour to 11pm.
Its doesn't affect our working hour at all.
All of us required to work for 24 hours at the last day!
We started to pack up all the things after all of the customers left.
Distributed mountains of books according to their respective publisher..
Stacked up and arranged the books…
Wrapping, sealing...
our look of after worked for 24 hours... =.=
the panda eyes were so obvious!

Took this early in the morning at the park of KLCC before heading home...

Slept for almost 12 hours after reaching home...
Deprivation of rest
Can't even go for birthday celebration of 'mom' at night....
this was an exhausting yet enjoyable working experience


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