Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3rd... AGM... >.<

attended board's AGM on 24 July as all the IT Brigades no matter probates were required to turn up.
It was started with the briefing of the upcoming camp on 26 July if I am not mistaken...
After that,
speeches and reports by exco of 07/08.
election of next exco...
I knew none of the names nominated at that time as I was quite new to the board...
Just qualified as a probate...
Basically I only voted for 1 or 2 times in the voting session
they reserved the vice chairman post to sixth former (probably its a tradition?)
As such,
sixth formers including me was nominated for that post.
After the must-undergo session (self-introduction) of the the nominees,
we were required to leave the lab while the voting session was going on...
I don't think voting is needed as KHong,
also the senior of IT Brigade will be elected definitely.
my votes were higher than him and elected as the vice chairman
This really blew me out of the water!
I was thinking of rejecting the post at first but I was told by others to take that as a challenge and don't give up that easily...
don't let down those who voted for me...
my thought of letting go the post was rescinded after consideration...
Thanks for my seniors and others who reliance and entrust with me of holding this post.
Oh ya,
WK senior brought his camera and took few photos on that day.
We took photo together after the AGM.

Chairman 07/08

Exco 08/09 & WK senior


rushed to the field after taking photo..

There was a grand final of football match

where Kensett vs Mori!

It was a must watch match and support our team


The match ended around 6pm.

And the best part was...
Morianz won!


Way to go Morianz!

Congrats to my classmates and seniors



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