Monday, December 29, 2008

AGM of Music & Choir Club MBSSKL was held on 22 July 08 at U6K...
I was informed by seniors to attend that AGM
Just like other AGMs,
speeches by excos 07/08,
matter arising and so on..
election of exco 08/09
There were quite a number of posts offered...
Majority of the nominees were self-nominated.
Including all of the nominees of presidential posts and I.
it was quite competitive for the presidential posts as the nominees were well-experienced!
Nominees of presidential posts were interrogated for few questions...
I heard few rounds of voting were held for the posts.
We were waited for quite a while out there when the voting session was going on.
Meng Hua passed by and chatted with us for a while out there.
I would like to clarify that I wasn't crying when we were waiting for the result out there.
I was sleepy and that was why my eyes looked watery -.-
I was not crying and not like what did MHua say!
it was the first time I nominated myself in AGM of all the AGMs I've attended before.
I was the president of my previous school's choir team ever since it was established, for years.
We went for competition every year and got position in the competition every year.
The highest achievement we had so far was getting 1st runner up in choir competition state level after getting champion in district level.
I wish I can contribute something for MBSSKL's choir team with my mere ability...
Erm, the result was out and I was chosen,
which was out of my expectation because the other nominees were really good and qualify enough for that post!

Here's the list of Executive Committee of Music & Choir Club 08/09 MBSSKL

President: Thoong Kit Yee
Vice President: Benny Tham

Secretariat: Tung Kin Fai & Toh Yue Fen

Treasurer: Lee Kai Chi
Asst. Treasurer: Ng Kar Heng

Pianist: Thoong Kit Yee
Conductor: Benny Tham
Head of Choir: Kor Kin Yang

Thanks for those who voted and trusting in me.
I will strive my best and work together with you all with the aim of getting into at least the final round of KL Choir competition and won't let you all down.
(Although I entered Selangor's choir competitions in previous years and not very sure about KL's standard. Anyhow, I think the marking scheme and the standard of KL won't differ very much from Selangor's)

Bring out!
Sing out!


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