Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Form 6 Orientation

21 May 08

There was a prefect came to me and asked for my name in the morning.
Just after I reached the school
21 May 08 was the day Form 6 Orientation was started.
Every lower 6 student will be taken care of 2 personal seniors.
And the list was distributed to every class.
MHua was the one who was so excited about the namelist.
Called aloud the names of morians and our respective personal seniors.
I was informed that Chua Pei Yong & Suresh a/l Rajandran will be my personal seniors.
MHua came to me and said I was very lucky to have Pei Yong as my personal senior.
She was a nice person.
Some even said that she was looking for me in the morning!
since I was still new to that school,
their names were just a name listed on the paper..
I don't even know who are they and how they look like...
MHua was also Pei Yong's personal junior
Can ask for his help to look for my personal seniors.
I've really no idea who were they.


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