Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st AGM attended in MBSSKL

Annual general meeting of clubs and societies were starting to held in July...
Students, especially sixth formers are inavoidable in joinning extra-curricular activites.
its vital for us, especially sixth formers,
to gain and hone our skills, experiences through these activities.
There were many choices offered by this school compared to my previous schools,
which made me hardly choose between these
I've attended Photography club's AGM on 11 July as I was free that time after school.
Previous exco were introduced by Pn. Yazleen to us..
Speech by president 07/08...
Matter arising session...
election of exco for 08/09.
As usual,
names were nominated for each post.
girls were nominated for secretary post as teacher advisors wanted to.
my name was included.
Nominees were required to introduce themselves and talk about their experience.
I was appointed by teachers straight away without any voting after all the nominees' introduction...
This decision was made by them as I was regarded more experienced then others based on the posts and experiences I had in previous school.
Need to jot down the names of new excos and prepare minutes of AGM.
I will be guided by seniors to handle this duty.
files and related documents of previous years will be handed over to me.
I will do my best!

Executive Committee of Photography Club 08/09 MBSSKL

Teacher advisors: Puan Yazleen & Puan Wong

President: Allan Lee
Vice presidents: Ho Song Wei & Choo Wai Kien

Secretary: Thoong Kit Yee
Asst. secretary: Ng Kar Heng

Treasurer: Teong Kim Yoong
Asst. treasurer: Yoon Wei Bo

Committee members: Liew Kin Mun, Foo Tun Kai, Yau Yoon Fatt & Lau Kar Man


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