Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can't find a good designer?
You won't regret of getting him as your designer!

Muahahaha... Today is the first day of Malaysian International Furniture Fair and yes, it's not open to public yet except international potential buyers and exhibitors.
But I am lucky to get invited by my friend to go for this exhibition today and of course, as a show of support!!

 It's The Ideation Award 2011 which held in conjunction with Malaysian International Furniture 2011, 1-5 March @ PWTC & KLCC.

He has been telling me about this competition since last year and yay!!
He made it to the final round out of more than 250 participants at last and now standing as 1 of the finalists!
A round of applause to him :)

Take a look on his design and prototype:
(feel free to contact him if you wish to order his furniture!)

It's Clone!

Designed to accommodate the changing circumstances of our lives, Clone was created to satisfy the designer's belief that furniture should be able to function anywhere, any room, any home and in any era. Modular in design, these flexible storage pieces fit together in a variety of combination to suit any living, working, dining or sleeping area.

The form is based on 3 perfectly proportioned squares with calculated dimensions which allow clean connection between each component. These components are treated like pieces from a puzzle that can either be fixed together or functions on its own. Depending on the orientation of these components, Clone can also be used as a bench, stool or storage.

(source: Can Yong Chen Chong's prototype description)
Thats all for his work?
Nah... You will be surprised when you browse through his portfolio!!
Trust me :)

Some other finalists prototype:

some other exhibitors...

It was a right choice for turning up at KLCC today.
It was indeed an eye-opening one and I am not sure if it's open to public.
Becoming an interior designer was one of my dreams...
Plus, there's only exhibition board without the showcase of prototype during the award ceremony at PWTC on this Thursday.
I was lucky to have this tag (nyek nyek) and able to enter the fair without the personnel & guards' restriction at the entrances.
Haha... (Thanks Angie!)
Special thanks to Can for the treats and wish him all the best in the award ceremony on this Thursday!!
Fingers crossed~


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