Friday, March 18, 2011

Johor Trip

Yeah right, it's in the mid of March and now I am gonna blog about my trip which was on end of Feb.

Too much of pending posts yet to be published!
Thanks to my broken internet connection due to lightning strike.

Anyhow, skip that part and let's start with the fun part!!
It was our first time to Johor and we decided to take a bus to meet my friend over there.
(More photos of TBS, just click on it! )
Departure hall... 

Our bus tickets! (censored due to privacy issue xD)

It took us 3 hours plus to reach Johor Bahru.
Then, SEn picked us up and we went for lunch!
Cosy place..
The drink was actually chocolate soya bean! Looks like teh right?
Thanks SEn for the treats <3

After settling down, we went to buy kite and headed down to Desaru!
Thanks to Daniel and his GPS, we manage to reach the destination.
It was our first time getting there and it's not as near as what I've thought from JB!
 scenic views...

the lovely couple~

us! :)

 was thinking of taking the photo of her with the kite but phailed...  =(

enjoy the wave splattering on our foot :D


castle-like beach resort~ ^^

Later on, we went to Danga Bay for a walk after having a scrumptious dinner with SEn's mother...
Her mother is a great cooker, really!  :)

There's actually a fun fair/park over there!!

 Boats and the jetty!

Not much shots though due to my mobile phone is not really good in taking night shots. =[

Anyhow, will blog about my Singapore trip soon...
Stay tune readers :)


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