Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hang Out with Son

March is a happening month.
Not to mention other important events, there are actually quite a number of VIP of mine celebrating their birthday in March!
I can’t celebrate my bestie’s 21st birthday this time as I was at outstation.  =(
Nevertheless, I did manage to have some sort of celebration/ hang out with my son & brother.
Let’s start with my son, CLeong’s.
We dined at the newly-opened outlet of Garden’s Lifestyle Store & Cafe as I promised like about 2 years ago.
Yes, I know this was very late, but it’s better than never right?
And, I was still keeping my words! xD


 main courses

Following that, we planned to watch I Am Number Four initially but unfortunately, the seats left were not up to our satisfaction.
Hence, we changed to watch Burlesque instead.

Well, I did not know that Christina Aguilera’s voice is so powerful!
I admit that I don’t really listen to pop songs… but Christina Aguilera & Cher’s performances are stunning!
Hmm.. I like the songs in the movie, and so planning to get the OST of that.
The songs are still lingering in my mind until now!
Then, I brought my son to Delectable to get him a cake…
Wish it’s as delectable as it was named! xD


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