Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outing with Bro

On the other day, hanged out with my brother at Bukit Bintang area.
It was like 1 year plus since our last outing. D:
We went to watch I Am Number Four after having lunch at Ichiban Boshi.
You gotta try the mee soba!

my peach cocktail :) 

my brother :)

Yeah, finally I’ve got to watch I Am Number Four!

My friends have been giving positive ratings about this movie which interest me to watch it.
It was quite nice and I think there will be a series of this movie.
Anyhow, I feel the girl who Number Four admires, Sarah was sort of redundant in the movie somehow.
Well, I like Number Six!!
She’s so cool!

Then, we tried some hot desserts at Snowflake as we were freezing cold at the cinema.
Yes, we were sitting right under the air-conditioner!

After that, we headed to Starhill Gallery.
The pianist who was playing on the stage caught my attention!
He was playing nothing’s gonna change my love for you (a piece that I’ve been yearning for the score since long time ago!)
 cam-whore at Starhill Gallery.. haha

Fahrenheit 88 was our next station, followed by Lot 10.
playing around with the felt blocks in Fahrenheit 88.. xD

We finally had our snack at the late evening as we were still bloated after taking up too much of liquid.
This fusion of Italian & Chinese dish, char siew pizza was rather tasty though..

You know, it was freshly-baked unlike those pizzas that were usually only heated up right before serving to the customers.

Oh yeah, I was kinda paranoia after receiving messages from my friends about staying away from the radiation-polluted rain after being under the rain.
It sounded true. LOL!
But anyhow, it was just a false alarm! =.=


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