Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yeap, another enjoyable trip with SEn & Eileen.
Once we reached Singapore, the first thing we did was of course settling down!
Haha.. So we headed to my cousin’s house and put our luggage before having fun!
Singapore is well-known for its MRT which you can shuttle among the places conveniently without any hustle.
Singapore, here we go!

Bottom right is the MRT ticket if you don’t want to get a prepaid ticket.
Well, keep it and don’t throw it away as you can get your refund of $1 after your journey.

Our destination of the day, Sentosa & Universal Studios!
Yet before that, we dropped by at HarbourFront Centre.

Entrance ticket & the complimentary coupon.

There are actually few parks of different theme: The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City & New York in Universal Studios.
Now, dear photos, show time! xD
Hollywood & New York 
I've mixed up the photos =[

Oh yes, watch a fantastic rock-n-roll musical show at Pantages Hollywood Theater (bottom left in the picture).
They were singing & dancing many pop songs such as Low, Nobody etc. which created an atmospheric surrounding and trust me, it was FULL HOUSE!!

Superstar Candies!

Giant lollipop! :D

"First, we would like to thank our parents, our ... " haha

"Stand by everyone... Action.....!" xD

Sci-Fi City

Ancient Egypt

This somehow makes me thought of The Mummy Returns. ROFL

The Lost World

It's gourmet pork saussage! xD

Unfortunately, the show was canceled due to expected technical problems..

Far Far Away (Shrek's Castle)

It was raining cats & dogs while we reached there. Luckily we have raincoats & umbrella! xD

Donkey Live!

Harp~!  <3

Gingerbread man! 


This is actually a food court!

Took this photo before moving on... heh

Yes, we spent one whole day over there and managed to visit all the places.
It was worth of our ticket, haha.
I spotted the M & M’s sculpture after exiting the Universal Studios.
Promptly, we went to there and take photos with it.

Chocolates are my all-time-favourites and definitely, we entered the chocolate shop.
If you are a chocoholic, be prepared to bedazzled by the chocolates & candies!!

At night, we headed to Vivo City to treat our starving stomach.

Food Republic to be exact which located at the rooftop was our choice as my cousin strongly recommend that!
It was really a scenic & nice boulevard featuring myriad of food & old-style Chinese food stalls.
yeap, leicha caught my attention when I was going around looking for food!
I've been craving for leicha in KL for quite a long time... O_O

Aiks.. no much photos taken as my phone was running out of battery..  T_T

Hmm.. It was 11pm something when we back to my cousin’s house.
Glad that they were still awake! Huhu…
Well, it was relieving as we manage to find our way back on ourselves!
I am a road blind -.-
My cousin is so caring that she prepared ‘liang cha’ for us. <3
Spotted some cute little handmade craft!
Uh oh, they were my cousin’s handicraft…
So sweet…  J

souvenirs for my family & closies.. :)

On the next day, we had our breakfast at Chong Pang City which tourists wouldn’t visit normally as it’s located at residential area.
The food & drinks are really cheap compared to Malaysia.
You can get a drink at just below $1!
Not to compare iced tea and the price after converted to MYR of course.
The Hainan chicken rice is a must-try you know.
It was chicken breast flesh but it was so smooth & tasty..
Thanks to my cousin-in-law for recommending it! :D

Saw something rather interesting while we were on our way back to my cousin’s house.
It’s designed for the old folks to gather and watch the television!.

As you can see, they are well-maintained and I’ve never seen vandalized stuff so far!
The facilities are so great that there are basketball court, and some equipments which you could found in the gym.

Notwithstanding, you can see a pretty special sight over here. Only in Singapore, I assume.

Next station, Bugis Street!
The largest street shopping location in Singapore.

Amidst the bustling street, you will be able to find an eclectic mix of trendy fashionwear, bags, shoes, belts, watches, accessories, souvenirs and so forth.
Besides, you also can satisfy your tastebuds with the vast variety of local snacks over there.
Hmm… Personally, I think it is quite similar with the combination of Sg. Wang + Petaling Street.

Well, we didn’t manage to go around the Singapore due to time constrain.
Yes, we have classes to attend (even though we’re having semester break now) and my cousin’s wedding was on the next day!
We called it a day and back to KL after having our meal at JB City Square.

Many thanks to SEn’s family, my dear cousin, cousin-in-law and the tour guide of the trips – SEn & Daniel during these days ^^
You all made my days and painted a big smile in my heart indeed! <3

p/s: some of the photos are credited to SEn! ^^


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