Monday, February 28, 2011


Here comes the end of Feb 2011!
A pretty short month (there’s only 28 days in this year) yet definitely an eventful month!!
Visited my relative in the hospital on the 2nd day of CNY, fall sick twice (zomg my health is so bad!), had reunion dinner with dearest Morianz and and…  back to AP comm for a week (LOL) and worked onsite on the last day of CNY.

I miss hantu, khinzir & miang!!

Back to KLMCCD to refresh my first aid skills and KLPAC SB has finally resume the rehearsal yesterday!
Mentioning about my work, I guess it was one of the luxurious IBM events that I’ve worked for as the invited guests not only had scrumptious lunch, they were also receiving a goodie bag containing ipod and.. a box of yee sang by Zuan Yuan Chinese cuisine at One World Hotel!!

You know what, each box of yee sang cost RM80++!
Such a deluxe luncheon~

the ingredients were freshly made!

just a random shot. teehee~

Uh oh, went for a fun-filled trip with my classmates to Johor and Singapore too.
Will blog about it on my next post.
Stay tuned readers! :D

Oh yeah, approximately 1 more month to go before my sem break ends…
Any job intro??? xD


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