Monday, February 21, 2011

TBS? Good news to those who take bus to or from Kuala Lumpur to other states! Haha..

It was my first visit to TBS at Bandar Tasik Selatan yesterday after having class.
Yeah, I am leaving KL and going to have fun at somewhere else... hehe... * excited *
Don't ask me why I don't drive to the destination instead since I've own driving license.
Well, my closies know this pretty well.
KLIA was the first thing that struck into my mind when I first stepped into the new bus station.
Yes, it looks like an airport!
Alright, time to let the pictures do the talking!  :)

 You can eat or shop at there... Quite many shops were not opened yet though...

 Like an airport.. No?

 Not only purchasing ticket is touch screen, even the directory too!!

1 more highlight, you need to buy your coupon/ prepaid card to dine at food court... haha

Oh yes, special thanks to YWey who came all the long way to my house and picked me up!
Sorry for being looked so tired... I was having bad flu and slight fever..
Umm.. I'll have to read the notes again to refresh my mind of what've being taught...
You know, sick people can hardly concentrate and remember well...   =S
Anyway, finally learnt foot drill today with the recruits...
It was quite funny when WXin was pointing at me and asked ''The one who kawad for so many times one, why are you here?''
Haha.. Or else I will drop dead especially before and after duty.
St. John Ambulance members would know why... ROFL


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