Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So many months of practicing... So much of time, effort & energy sacrificed..
We finally made it in Big & Brassy Concert under the baton of Mr. Mitsuo Nonami & Mr. Bruce Lee!
It was truly a blast & enjoyable performance!
Let's take a look of my friends' feedback about the concert:

"The whole thing is great! Awesome! ^-^ congrate..." from Alice.

"Nice job... Was wonderful... Next time invite us again!" from MHua.

"Nice music wey" from CWay.

"Cool performance! Nice leh... ^^ Next time got more performance remember to call me... Haha..." from Jon.

"A good performance =]" from CWei.

"It was a good performance and we enjoyed it very much. Thanks for inviting :-) " from Joanna.

"gooOOOOD job :D nice one!" 
" owned :D u peepol rocked!" from CFei.

"Thanks for inviting me!! Fantastic and awesome!! I like some of the songs =)" from Benny.

Thanks a lot to Benny, Joanna, Bernard, Jonathan, Chee Fei, Chee Wei, Chi Way & his partner, Tuck Wai, Yue Fen, Yue Fen's friend and of course, Meng Hua for bringing his friends: Beng Liang, Gen Yao, Chun Feng & Lee Jin as well as my students who came all the way, supported us and attended the concert irregardless of having SPM and final examinations in this month!!!

                     MBS & Boys Brigade gang..     Filling up the Feedback Form! O_O

Not to mention, thank you to my lovely friends who showed the support mentally although they can't make it to the concert...!

Appreciate it loads~ ^^

In fact, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Mr. Bruce Lee for granting me the chance to be a part of KLPac Symphonic Band.
I wouldn't be performing on the stage at there without him!
Besides, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Brian, Yoke Theng, Yee Chen, Albert & Bruce for giving tips, techniques & guidance on how to play flute better... =)
Thanks to my flute teacher too :D
I like the repertoire of the concert chosen by Bruce though there were some changes...
Unlike the other concerts that I've attended before, all songs that we played were indeed interesting~!
You wouldn't feel bored even if you know nothing about music!

Well, here's the list of repertoire for Big & Brassy concert '10:
Sempre Fidelis by John Philip Sousa
Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Air Pathetique by Ludwig van Beethoven
Passacaglia for Symphonic Band by Bin Kaneda
Umi (Sea) Japanese Folk Song
Selections from Disney/Pixar's Up by Michael Giacchino
I could have dance all night from My Fair Lady by F. Loewe


Malay Folk Song March by Wong Kah Chun
76 Trombone by Meredith Wilson
Cantate Dominum by Hugh Davis featuring Tsun Jin High School Choir
I See You (Theme from Avatar) by James Horner & Simon Franglen featuring Tsun Jin High School Choir
El Cumbanchero by Rafael Hernandez

Encore songs:
Jasmine Flower (Traditional Chinese Folk Song) featuring Tsun Jin High School Choir
March Together by Mitsuo Nonami

A picture says a thousand words... Have a look on the photos taken instead! :
 Raise your instruments people!!

 Mr. Bruce Lee (KLPac SB Band Director & Conductor)

 Mr. Mitsuo Nonami!

Most hilarious picture ever... Woon Leong & Mr. Mitsuo Nonami

Brian (KLPac SB Band Manager a.k.a. Flute Section Leader)

Ms Wong Wai Quan (Tsun Jin Choir Coach), Woon Leong (KLPac SB Asst Band Director & Bruce Lee (KLPac SB Band Director aka Conductor)

 Female flutists cam-whore session just after the concert on 13th Nov! xD

Chiam chiam.. Next time must change to black dress!!

We are flutists!! ;)

On 14th Nov, had brunch at Dim Sum Restaurant with Albert, Kenny & HTing before concert.. Thanks Albert for treating us ;)

                             Boss of the day... :D

                          Present & Ex-secretary...

                    KFong (KLPac SB Asst. Band Manager)

                           Issac & Jazzmine pretty~

         Bak Kut Teh, Vincent & Yuan Shun                  Bruce & Issac

                        Kemmi & I                                               SK Gang~

               Bobo..!                                  Bak Kut Teh!                      MBS Senior!

                                 Leng lui clarinetist...                     Hinson! 

Mr. Ian, the saxophone teacher...

 Denny Pig

 Lucas...! So fast changed the shirt D:

Jiunn Harng, the trumpet soloist & Yu Hua Sis...

After the adjournment of the concert, we dined at Tasty Pot Restaurant at Sunway...
                           * Grabbed this photo from google

 Ice-cream kaki... xD

Let's makan!! 

Pro crab shell breaker! 

Eating while indulging with massaging... How nice! haha.. 

Counting $$... Don't disturb and don't rob us! 

King of Crab vs King of Mee!!!
Who will win?!!

Enjoyed to the max in these days..!!
Engraved in my memory & heart...
♥ KLPac Symphonic Band ♥

The melody of I could have danced all night is playing in my mind...
"...I could have danced all night! 

I could have danced all night! 

And still have begged for more. 

I could have spread my wings 

And done a thousand things I've never done before. 

I'll never know What made it so exciting;


It's all been grand, dear. 

I could have danced all night.
And still have begged for more. 
I could have spread my wings, 
And done a thousand things I've never done before. 
I'll never know What made it so exciting. 
I could have danced, danced, 
danced All night!"

Oh yeah, share a video of Brian playing piccolo after rehearsal which has never been exposed before... ;-)

Alright, shall back to study and revise for final exams...


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