Saturday, November 6, 2010


  -quoted from Allan Kuah-

Experienced Lost & Found days in this 7 days...
Let's start with last Saturday.
Dropped my hp before band rehearsal at night, got it back from Rofe.
On Sunday, left my purple water bottle at studio, Lucas helped me keeping it.
KFong settled my ticket problem and yes, I will be getting back my $.
HTian showed me the new location of the long-disappeared photocopy machine that was placed.

Thank you to all of you!!
Oh ya, thanks Kemmi who sent to me the destination and my flute teacher who spent half an hour fixing my Venus.. xD

Sunday was such a wonderful day...
Started off by listening to Thank You For The Music by ABBA once turning on the radio in the early morning...
So much of memories in this song....
Tried the spinach pan mee finally as my breakfast with my band mates before heading for rehearsal.
The way they joked around lightened up my mood.
Don't be surprised with the colour! It's natural colour peeps! 


And... I bumped into Shuenda, my idol and ex-piano teacher after rehearsal.
It was like around 3 or 4 years ago when I last saw him in the Malaysian Youth Music Festival Gala Night.
He was the one getting highest award in the night during the festival and did a marvellous performance on that night.
Quite surprised that he has return to Malaysia from UK.
Oh yes, he will be having concert in USM in this November, recital in January 2011 at UPM.
Great news to whom taking music degree in UPM...
He will be one of the lecturers in UPM starting next year!

Then, ran into my ex-hip hop & street jazz dance mate, Vicky when I was looking for formal attire in a shop at Bukit Bintang.
I did not realize she was there till she called me.
Haha! She's still hot and getting prettier!

Yesh! Accidentally spotted this and they were still on the graffiti wall!
 My friends' birthday wishes for me... It was written like .... urm... 2 years ago?!

After that, met my dear respectable Pn. Leong in a stationery shop near my house.
She's my mentor & ex-choir coach...
Knowing me for years, she treated me like her daughter...
Managed to catch up with her for a while... teehee!

Heard a voice calling my name when I just got out from the stationery shop.
It was KXin!!
It's been months we did not meet...
Haha... Wish we will see each other again in the dance studio...

It was such a hyper day and I was feeling hyper great staying up whole night rushing for the design of EWE logbook, exhibition board & power point slides...
I feel nothing even though did not sleep for the whole night and went to school in the early morning...

On Monday, my group members and I stayed back at uni for the preparation of presentation tomorrow.
It was our first time of staying such late...
We nearly starved after working for so long without having our meals...
Anyway, we went for our dinner at last at Face to Face Noodle House before heading home.

 Night view of my uni...

 Guess what is this white and green thingy for?

Gosh.... Time's up!!
Have to out for work....
Ciao readers....
Will continue blogging maybe.... tonight...? xD


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