Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is my 119th post and yes, my birthday 9.11 will be the topic of this entry!
Started off the day by going to uni for class in the early morning...
Had a surprise celebration with my classmates after class...
Simple yet warming & nice~!
Big thanks to SEn, Eileen, ZHeng, Bethany, MYine, Christy, Malini & Vincent :)
(Do I left out anyone? xD)

 German cheesecake from my aunt ^^

 I like the packaging! ^^

Mirror chocolate cake from my sis~

Received 4 birthday cakes this year!
Honestly I've never thought of I would be able to celebrate my birthday this time...
I need to rush to KLPac for rehearsal after class and we have exam starting on the next day!!
Really appreciate to my classmates who spent the time celebrating with me instead of revising for final examination..
Not to forget thanks to Denny for the belated birthday cake!
It was from RT Pastry too... ^^
(Didn't manage to take photo of it before I ate it.. >.<)
Received 2 cakes from RT this year... I guess it's famous of its deliciousness~
Took me days to reply all the comments & messages in Facebook... Huhu...
I know it's rather late YET many thanks to all my friends, relatives & family for the wishes, messages, calls, celebrations and cakes...!!


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