Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Gosh... My final exam resume on the day after tomorrow and yet,
what am I doing now???
Online-ing & Facebook-ing... =.=
I feel that my life is always full of temptations and most of the time I can't help refraining myself from indulging in those enticement!
The concert had over finally, and I am supposed to have full concentration my final exams.
Yet, I just can't sit down, take out my notes and study!
Instead, I go online, blogging, playing the piano, sms-ing, eating... bla bla bla...
I do all kinds of things, except revising! -.-

Dear friends and family, kindly don't call me for outing, hang out or what so over... or even sms me... during my exam period...
It will be so luring you know...
I can hardly control myself and might be end up chatting or sms-ing all the time...

Nothing much... Just a random shout out, duh...
Shall shut down my lappy, mobile phone & recluse myself to the world of books & notes tomorrow!

The opportunity cost of choosing music & online-ing is fail to retain High Distinction in my result.

Abstain, abstain, abstain!!


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