Saturday, November 6, 2010

continuation of... hyper!

as I've mentioned in previous blog entry, I will continue blogging about the hyper-ness.

Commfest which held on 29 Oct was a blast!
Started at 8:30am - 3pm, organized by School of Communication was a great success!
Photobooth, food, drinks, bazaar shopping spree, blog shops, games such as zorbing, inflatables, velcro wall as well as dance performances from  FEELsophy dance competition finalists and judges who comprised of Dennis Yin (Elecoldxhot Crew, champion of Astra Battleground Break Dance Competition '09), Michael (Mustang Crew) and also Eric Chan (Mustang Crew) caught our attention!
 Saw the crowd of audience and the gladiator game?

 Temporary stage...

 Elecoldxhot Crew with Dennis!


 The 3 judges, Dennis, Michael & Eric.

 Velcro wall and Zorbing!

Alright, back to the day where I stopped on previous blog....
It was a crucial and important day which we've spent lots of time, effort & money on it...
Tuesday!! Our major presentation day, EWE!
Glad that there was a sudden change of venue from lecture theatre to classroom... haha...
Or else we might be petrified of the crowd!
Take a glance of our 'the making of...."
 Testing and practicing in the multimedia room..

It was too cold and he put on my scarf... haha!

Painting the twigs...

Here come's the actual presentation!
Our overall performance was great.
The judges were quite happy with us and a bit surprised as most of us are the silent ones in the class but turned out pretty well during presentation...
Received compliments for the slides and exhibition board... heh
We are not from School of Design & Communication!
Well, great job to my group members and 1.2 classmates!
Way to go!

Group photos with awesome group mates! :)

After that, we went to Asian Food Fair which was held at MPH...
Mainly foods were sold over there... But Etude House, Streamyx and other non-food stalls were setting up their booth over there too!
My friends and I bought quite a lot of girls stuff especially from Etude House..
It was buy 1 free 1 great deal!!
* Scream *
We spotted Chocolate Graphics stall too...

Had class as usual on Wednesday...
It was also the day where my tutor revealed our individual & group assignments' mark...
Woohoo...!! Quite satisfy with it and thanks again to my friends :D
Keep it up!

Assessment Test day on Thursday!
No comment on it till my result is out.
Engaged in Project Revive Charity Concert Dinner after that...
Happy and fun working with the Student Council committee members!
The performances were nice especially by Juwita Suvito...
Her voice is so powerful! O_O
Yeah, did not go home on that day.
It was for a great cause!
And I am not a bad or naughty girl, ok?

On the next day, got up early in the morning to go for band rehearsal...
Yet before that returned to campus again to get back my stuff which I left it over there yesterday night...
I am so forgetful that I always left my things here and there... -.-
Luckily KFong sent me to and fro...
See.... I like my friends... ahahaha!
Urm... Rushed to have dinner with my relatives and family after rehearsal...
Reached home finally after that...
Home Sweet Home~


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