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Published on 2014 Incheon Asian Games official blog on March 6, 2014:

Introducing the hard-core cycling competition, Le Tour de Langkawi 2014! The Le Tour De Langkawi is an action packed event for all cycling aficionados from around the world. This major cycling race has been amongst the biggest events outside Europe since its inception in 1996. This year will mark the 19th anniversary of the race and this time and is currently underway at Langkawi till March 8th.

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|  Le Tour de Langkawi 

Le Tour De Langkawi
Image from Official page of Le Tour De Langkawi
Le Tour de Langkawi is Asia’s premier cycling function and covers an astounding distance of 1507.9km over 10 different stages. Participants gather from around the globe to ride through each of the states of West Malaysia, that include Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Malacca, Pahang, Terengganu and finally the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.
Endorsed by the Interational Cycling Union (ICU), the event categorizes as a 2HC race, which signifies the Le Tour de Langkawi as a multi-day and multi-stage race. This year’s tagline is “The Heat Is Back” referring to the time this tournament will take place, which is during the dangerous tropical heat and high level of difficulty along the course. Participants should be aware that this level of intensity is infrequent in most competitions that take place all around the continent.

|  Race Kicks-off

Image from Official page of Le Tour De Langkawi
The race kicks off in the paradise-like Langkawi, which covers a total of 101.1km and is the home of many previous Le Tour de Langkawi races. The “Queen Stage” refers to the ascension towards the peak of the Genting Highlands and is classified as a level 4 stage due to its arduousness. If participants are struggling with this phase then they are all in for a great awakening as the following 6 stages prove to be equally if not more challenging!
Other significant stages involve the extensive 230.1km coastal route in stage 7, which is the 2nd longest stage in Le Tour de Langkawi history. Each of the stages from 6 to 9 average a grueling distance of 200km per day which will surely make or break the challengers and truly test their level of athleticism and sheer willpower.

|  Teams around the world

Le Tour De Langkawi
Image from Official page of Le Tour De Langkawi
The 19th annual Le Tour de Langkawi is sure to be one of the most exciting events ever. As of January 23rd, more than 22 qualified teams have confirmed their participation in the race, 5 of which are amongst the most prestigious cycling crews in the world. Team Europcar hailing from France, is one of the only squads that was recently upgraded from a Pro Continental rank to World Tour status. Eyes are set on the reigning champion of the World Tour Race of Poland, Team Orica Green Edge’s Peter Weening, whom many predict will be a strong contender in this year’s competition.
The list of teams represents countries from around the planet. Notable crews include KSPO from Korea, Aisan Racing from Japan, Giang-Champion System from China, and OCBC from Singapore amongst many other experienced professionals. The national teams represented in the race include Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

|  Tune-in Now

Le Tour de Langkawi
Image from Google: Le Tour de Langkawi
Catch all the thrills as the top cyclists pedal through striking and treacherous terrain on the island of Langkawi. Part of the action will be broadcasted from the largest man made lake in Southeast Asia, the Kenyir Lake, and serves to be one of the more exciting stages of the Le Tour de Langkawi. With the top teams gathering from all over to compete in this race, it’s sure to be memorable and extremely exciting so make sure you tune in!
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