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The sudden surge of marathons in recent years is spurring a running rage in Malaysia.
Indeed, it is a sport for all where one can just grab a pair of running shoes and start training for it. With the growing popularity of marathons in recent years, extensive list of races will be held in Malaysia. Of all types of races that will be carried out in the second half of the year, here are some interesting ones.
 The Color Run Malaysia
Image from 2014 The Color Run Malaysia
Date: 17th of August, 2014
Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
With the tagline “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”, Color Run is a fun and color-filled 5-kilometer race. Contrary to most running events where speed and timing are of the essence, the Color Run is a race where the ‘Color Runners’ will be plunged with myriads of vivid colors at each kilometer and time is not recorded. What’s more exciting is that the runners will end the race by immersing themselves in massive color throwing and blasting music at the finishing point. It will be a whole new experience of running!
Putrajaya Night Marathon
Image from BNS PNM

Date: 11th of October, 2014
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Precinct 3, Putrajaya
Malaysia’s most sought after night run is back in town with the tagline of “Nulli Secundus” (Latin for “Second to None”) This year, it will be the 5th edition of the race following its success in the past few years. Alongside the new route that highlights the iconic landscapes and the outskirts of Putrajaya, it will be such a pleasure to experience enduring a marathon ranging from 5km to 42 km while enjoying the sublime beauty of the night.
The Viper Challenge
Image from Viper Challenge Facebook Page
Date: 1st & 2nd of November, 2014
Venue: Sepang International Circuit
Also known as Asia’s Most Grueling event, Viper Challenge is 20 km obstacle course challenge with numerous man-made obstructions that will put your physical and mental limit into test. Sounds thrilling? The new obstacles introduced in the 2014 edition will definitely hike up the adrenaline rush of both new-sprung and veteran runners.
Olympic Day Fun Run
ⓒ Olympic Council of Malaysia Facebook page
Date: 2nd of November, 2014
Venue: Car Park A, Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.
In an effort to promote mass participation of sports, National Olympic Committees (NOC) organizes the annual Olympic Day Run across many participating countries. Usually, it will take place from June 17th to 24th worldwide to celebrate the revival of the Olympic Games. Nonetheless, National Olympic Council of Malaysia has postponed it until November in Malaysia.
Olympic Day Run has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Read more:
Penang Bridge International Marathon
ⓒ Penang State Tourism Development & Culture.
Date: 16 November 2014
Venue: Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim, the 2nd Penang Bridge 
The world’s longest bridge marathon will be flagged off on November 16 with more than 20,000 marathon participants. This year, it will be held at the newly-officiated second Penang Bridge instead of first Penang Bridge that was carried out since the first Penang Bridge Marathon. In line with the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign, it is predicted to attract even more international runners besides local participants to commemorate the first ever marathon held on the new bridge.

With hundreds of races held annually, running has become a craze in Malaysia. Furthermore, due to the increasing health and fitness conscious people among the nations, camaraderie garnered from the sport has led to another uprising trend of new races. This will definitely infuse healthy lifestyle to the nations. Although Malaysia has yet to be seen participating in many diverse sports categories, the sports culture in Malaysia will reach greater heights and achieve sustained competitive excellence where various sports champions can be spotted in international sporting events. Needless to say, this is true for Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and the other games alike!

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