Thursday, October 23, 2014

Classical music aficionados.
Artsy stuff will definitely catch our attention.
Love paintings yet we can't draw.
Prefer original soundtrack (OST) to Kpop.
Learnt Spanish.
Play piano.
Appreciate the beauty of natural landscape.
Couldn't take spicy food.
Enjoy watching orchestra concert.
With the aforementioned interests, I realise we have a lot of similarities.

our masterpiece haha
We never met each other prior to my arrival in Incheon on 18th.

Interviewed by KBS - our 1st time
Although we don't get to meet often due to her early morning work shift and my irregular work hour, she will try to accommodate her schedule (and sometimes stayed up late waiting for my return) to spend time with me. Surprised yet touched.
lunch @ Insadong
One of the crucial times was lending her laptop to me when my laptop died on the first few days.
Laptop is such an essential gadget for me to carry out my tasks.
Many thanks for your understanding and kindness; that was such a tremendous help!

Oh, did I mention that she's nurse?
There are quite a number of books on the shelves in the room that I was staying which I really wanted to grab it and start reading.
Nursing, medicine and home care elicited my interest as I am a St. John Ambulance first aider.
What's more, there are Spanish language books and other popular literature on the shelves.
Have a quick dinner, shower (and continue my work on the laptop) then rest were the only routine whenever I return to the house after spending whole day long at the stadiums, however.
I was too exhausted to flip through the book although I really wanted to.

My initial plan was staying at her place for 13 days and then explore across the province.
Yet I've never thought that I will be with her until the last day of my flight, on the 21st day.

Namdong Sorae Wetland Ecological Park

Incheon Asian Games Mascots
Happy Birthday Grandpa Yoon!
Scrumptious lunch 

I was lucky to witness the opening ceremony of the King and the Ground Culture Festival at Hwaseong Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage) in Suwon where the 6-minute splendid fireworks concluded the night before I return to Malaysia.
Thank you Do-Hyun for the ride and trip around Suwon!

Breakfast by Margarette's Mum
How blessed to have it before leaving :)
Fate is a wonderful thing.
I'll treasure the moments with you though we didn't get to spend much time together throughout the 21 days.

Thank you for your great hospitality and arrangement!
My great pleasure meeting you and your brother; thanks for showing around :)

Aiks.. Didn't get to bid my farewell to my another host whom I hardly met: Hyunsoo who works in ICU midnight shift. 

Fond moments with my Korean host (click to view)

As mentioned earlier, my laptop malfunction so my accessibility is restrained.
Anyway, here's the clip of moments we spent together in this period. :)

psst... there was over hundred photos taken though we only got to spend a few days together.

 ❤ photography, preserving the precious times


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