Thursday, February 10, 2011

Green Hornet Pre–Screening

Bah.. This post should be up like 2 weeks ago but you know, my lappy is not fixed yet so I can hardly blog about it.
Still, some great memories should be remembered.
It was about the pre-screening of Green Hornet starring by Jay Chou and Seth Rogen at KLCC on 26th January.

KFong was so lucky, oh no, creative I should say.. Haha...
Yes, he won the 4 prizes among the 5 prizes in a Green Hornet-related competition, including the 1st prize and thus, 8 free tickets of the pre-screen of Green Hornet besides the merchandise.
He was so nice to invite 7 of us (CYean, Ting Ting, CYuan, CYuan's gf, his ex-course mates and I) to watch it together.
Though I was in final exam week, my exam was ended way earlier and so, I was able to make it for the movie.
The timing was just nice... Muahahaha...

I shopped for a while in Pavilion before meeting up with them and guess what, I found the A Time To Embrace OST at last!

Oh yea, I've tried Carl's Jr. Burger at last and it was so tasty!
I would drop by again for the next time...  :)

Later on, headed down to KLCC and found a gift for my friend.
What gift? *undisclosed*

I found the words that my classmate has always been saying and ill of it!! haha...

After having their dinner, we went to TGV to redeem the prizes.
We were shocked by the long queue before stepping into the cinema!
Yet, winners have their priorities.
We need not to wait for a long while to get the tickets :)

The lucky guy.. haha
See the queue? O.O
continuation of the queue!! I have no idea where it stopped

Some may regard it as a stupid movie but it's undeniably very funny and entertaining.
Laughters can be heard incessantly in the cinema.
Last but not least, thanks KFong for the movie and the ride :D


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