Monday, February 28, 2011

Immigration Office

Took half day leave and went to settle my passport thingy on last Friday.
I know it was a last minute one but I was quite busy during weekdays…
Many people have been telling me that most probably I can’t get it done at such late hour with the you-know-why reasons.
Yet, I still give it a try and went to the Immigration office in the late afternoon.
It was my first time to go to the branch nearest to my place though it’s still quite far but thanks god, I manage to reach there within 20 minutes using my phone’s GPS function.
I love Android, seriously!!

To my delight, the security guard was very friendly and helpful.
Yeap, he was the one distributing the forms to those who want to renew or make a new passport.
It wasn’t as crowded as I’ve expected and my passport is done within 1 hour!

I guess it was quite efficient and time-saving compared to what I’ve heard from my friends and relatives who have been telling me that it’ll take me around 2 hours time or more.
Another highlight is that, besides weekdays, Immigration Offices operates on Saturday and Sunday too starting on 27 November 2010!
However, this only applies to certain branches:
1.       Putrajaya, Precinct 15
2.       Subang
3.       Pelabuhan Kelang
4.       Wangsa Maju, KL
Of course, these branches only operate from 8am to 1pm during weekends.

 pass by this shop when I was on my way back... it's located at Kajang.
according to my dad, this kind of building has more than 100 years of history... O:


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