Friday, January 2, 2009

Invitation to other school

(Still flashing back of what happened in 2008 although its in 2009 now >.<)

Our board got an invitation letter of visiting other school this week on 2nd August.
the letter wasnt mailed to us but passed to 1 of our members
and the letter was photostated.
it seemed to be invited the wrong board...
Since it was someone's friend,
we just went and look around at there
Took lrt and bus to reach there.
Thought I was late but bumped into CWay in the lrt...
we still need to wait for others at the station and go together...
Found out that some people never took bus before!
Of course,
their first time gave us already
we were making noise in the bus
Reached there at last ...

Need to pay sort of entrance fee during this visit...

Their hall...

Most of the programmes were dance, dance and dance...
There was a session where their seniors ( quite a lot of them) getting souvenirs from the juniors.
They were pretty high and excited (jeering, exhorting) when this was going on.
the visitors from other school were sitting quietly.
Some even fall asleep!
Guess what,
we saw this on the table in the canteen

Facts and secrets about farting!


Took this in the canteen before we left...
(Escape actually =P)

It was not because we were not 'giving them face' but they really invited the wrong board
and we think its better to go earlier than wasting our time over there.
And all of the exco even turned up.
Considered not bad already
We have more important things to do - go PC fair!
Help teacher buy things and broaden our knowledge.
IT Brigade what...

In the Putra lrt... xD

Taken KFC as our lunch
Received call from my principal while having my lunch...
I was added 1 new student and required to start to teach earlier
After that,
headed to KL convention centre for PC fair!
I rushed back earlier as I got to go for work already!
Oh ya,
met Daimler while rushing back...
met WKien in the lrt
At KLCC...


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