Thursday, January 1, 2009


Henry showed me this and really makes me LoL!
And his advise,
Here you go:

  • Firefly
  • reading blogs
  • sleep
  • too much trouble to resize picture
  • comment spam
  • Buffy
  • picture not good enough
  • didn't take a picture
  • work
  • nice outside
  • weboggle
  • too far behind
  • can't decide which entry to write first
  • have started not watching movies because it would lengthen the backlog of movie reviews I need to write and post, and anything that can make me do something that stupid shouldn't be supported
  • ditto books
  • should make lunch
  • need to empty dishwasher
  • cat box needs cleaning
  • my blogging isn't as interesting as other people's
  • people might read it and see what a dork I am
  • too busy working on the campaign
  • should be working on the campaign
  • nobody reads it anyway
  • yeah, okay, three people
  • they probably should be doing other things too
  • too much trouble to find and edit in all the links I want to add
  • need to redo my templates and style sheets first
  • have to upgrade Moveable Type
  • or maybe I should switch to Word Press
  • or Grey Matter
  • too busy writing in my Live Journal
  • can't decide whether it should go in my blog or my Live Journal
  • might embarass my family
  • maybe I completely missed the point of that movie
  • looking at the stars
  • need to fix my bike's rear brakes
  • the car needs new tires
  • who needs to hear another political rant at this point?
  • might start another series that I'll have to obsessively keep up with
  • I have a new niece: Fiona Eileen Curley born 10/14/04
  • kitties want to play
  • could use a shower
  • rather read a book
  • The Daily Show (on tape)
  • blogging doesn't pay the bills
  • blogs don't cuddle
  • what have i got to prove?
  • i could be selling all my stuff on ebay
  • shisensho
  • lawn needs mowing
  • hardwood floors would be nice
  • no wifi on my palm
  • tiger mountain is three blocks away
  • always wanted to learn to kayak
  • The West Wing (on DVD)
  • portland is only three hours by train
  • vancouver is less
  • if i did it today they'd expect it every day
  • no gloves
  • some psycho might deduce where i live and steal all my good stuff
  • keep thinking i should pick up trash along my commute route
  • wastes electrons
  • people in china don't have blogs
  • girls might think i'm sexy if my blog was cooler, but i'm happily married so i'd have to turn them down and they'd be sad
  • might accidentally give away how self-absorbed i am
  • could use up all my allotment of good ideas
  • might lead to having to talk to people
  • need to find a good recipe for baked beans
  • Angel (on DVD)
  • batteries going dead on laptop
  • windows crashed
  • Six Feet Under (on DVD)
  • maybe i should jump on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon
  • I think i'm going for a walk
  • can't fit post in 4k palm memo
  • have to learn to photoshop pictures into betterness
  • haven't posted all the other things i've got a draft for yet
  • might wake up Becky
  • have to return some email
  • need to delete a few thousand emails
  • vocabulary too limited
  • not enough time before I have to leave the house
  • post will be longer than anyone could reasonably be expected to read
  • no one will leave any comments
  • should I really be displaying my neuroses for all the world to see?
  • might get some comments
  • wouldn't exercise be a better use of the time?
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • this chair makes my butt fall asleep
  • I'm late
  • preview templates in moveable type don't look anything like the final version
  • need to surf the blogs I read yesterday to see if anyone has responded to the comments I left
  • have to look up the html to cause the list to continue across the extended entry
  • or maybe it will just work
  • have to get ready for work
  • should check work email before I go to lunch
  • hey look, I have gmail
  • have to try out Google Desktop Search
  • wanted to revise my site stat collector
  • I really am late

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