Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heartbroken on 22 Jan

Nearly started to quarrel in front of so many people with you
Luckily it was stopped by YSheng.
it's not we did not discuss with you all at first.
We did have exco's meetings & discussion.
Decision will only be made after getting agreement from the majority.
We couldn't abolish or cancel any idea, planning or what just because of you are not happy with it.
Who do you think you are?
We have been kind and tolerate enough to make any decision or carry out any plan after discussions and meetings.
In fact, we are not being dictate.
You can't shout and mad at us saying that we did not discuss with you all earlier.
We did have, and you are the one who is being disregard when the discussions or meetings were going on.
Hence you have no right to go against us.
I hope you realised what you have done and change your attitude.
It is not the first time kay...
There is limitation in everyone's patience.
An assessment will be carried out and you all will be evaluated.
Anyone who break the rule(s) or fails in the assessment will be given demerit, suspended or sacked.
excos are not exempted.


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