Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New toy!

Ordered a new toy yesterday night and...
It will be arriving on Wednesday if there's no any unexpected thing occurs
oh well,
here's the specs:

  • ingrained, precisely engineered soundboard, constructed with a robust back-frame-system - enabling a full, balanced and rich sound
  • climate proof multi-laminated pin block - giving excellent long-term tuning durability
  • precise mechanical system - allowing evenly balanced playing to cater for the most demanding player
  • no plastic parts are used in the mechanical system
  • all keys are multi-laminated an astonishing 17 times - making them very robust even in dramatically changing climatic conditions
  • extra large wheels - facilitating ease of mobility
  • metal foot pedal plate - protecting the fine cabinet board around the pedals
Can't wait for it to arrive

signing off...
not feeling well
piling up of works to do too...
aza aza fighting kY!


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