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7th August 2014 (Thursday)
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'Please note that this is just a rough guide. Best to have the respective address and a map (or mobile map with internet connection) when you're getting to the destinations.

Back to the city and the day had arrived, finally!
Instead of having the hot soup and rice again, I had a rather simple breakfast of meiji milk and cereals in the hotel room.
Packed my luggage and headed to the van/ mini bus station to return to the city.
It was a 2 hours+ journey.
Here I am - Terminal 21!
Thanks Tshewang (my first ever Bhutanese co-worker) for the recommendation, Terminal 21 is a must-visit.
They have different theme for every floor, including the washrooms too!
Some may feel like visiting the washroom, on every floor. Hahaha
The food court offers myriads of local delicacies at a reasonable price with a systematic payment system.
Highly recommended!
vegetarian lunch to detoxify my body
I have been consuming lots of meat lately, so I've got myself vegetarian meal to sort of detoxify my body.
The mixed rice with 3 vegetables was merely 30 baht and the raspberries juice was 35 baht.

papaya salad - 30 baht
Sour and spicy!

Liu De Hua - sounds like Andy Lau's chinese name
banana milk! I like the cute bottle on top
However, that was a small coin box which serves as a gift upon purchase. So far I can only find the original bottle packaging as shown in the photo at Korea.

hmm... the photo of kitkat and M&M's cakes that I use to see it on the Internet were in front of my eyes... Seems easy to make the "cake"! haha

It was raining heavily when I wanted to go to my scheduled destination so I changed the schedule of exploring the attractions in the vicinity of Terminal 21 and went to the Emporium for the Thailand Creative & Design Centre (which was linked directly from the BTS Phrom Phong station).
one of the luxurious cinemas in Thailand
until the emergence of the luxury theatre - Paragon Cineplex (which offers the best value to the audience) in 2006.
Thailand Cultural & Design Centre
tunnel to the heaven
No joke, how I wish I can spend my whole day long over here in this library with top-notch facilities and yes, total silence (one can hear the needle drops!).
Don't get confused with the name of TCDC, you can find a vast collection of books ranging from literature to business.
TCDC is in fact the country's premier learning resource centre.
Basically, you can get all genres of book over there.
Cafe, multimedia lounge, auditorium, cafe... you name it, they have it.
Oh well, words can't describe the exclusive experience and photos definitely couldn't tell a thousand and million words here.
This is because photo-taking was strictly prohibited upon passing through the walkway.

So there was this Ploy Saeng 12 Festival: the Chili Business exhibition underway at the gallery, portraying Thailand's "hottest" commodity from its history to its business opportunities and networks.

Ploy Saeng 12 Festival: Chili Business

anti-drowsiness chili spray - I want it!
chili heat chart
entry pass to the paradise
The rain stopped about an hour later and I returned to the Asoke station to continue my planned schedule: Soi Cowboy which was located at the opposite of the Terminal 21.

red-light district with plenty of sexily-dressed girls
Entrance by visitors under 18 is forbidden.

Up next, settled my dinner at a unique restaurant with a bizarre name - Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant.
Don't get me wrong, it's a healthy restaurant conceptualising on family planning, aids awareness and prevention which serves great food too.
What's more, they channel part of the profits to the development activities of the Population and Community Development Associations (PDA).
"Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.
Tofu & Meat Soup 150 baht
Ah, I have been missing tofu a lot and finally found this tofu dish in their menu!
Well, I couldn't get to order much food as I was feeling quite full thanks to the previous meal.
Trust me, they have very high occupancy.

this was hung on the wall just next to my table
complimentary gift upon settling my bill
 Okay, I admit this is the first time I am receiving it. LoL

the art of condoms
how creative!

After the late dinner, it was time to go back to the hostel and get some rest...
I need to get up very early in the morning on the next day for an exciting tour!
(to be continued...)


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