Saturday, August 23, 2014

6th August 2014 (Wednesday)
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Note: It's recommended to rent a car or motorbike to visit these attractions as accessibility could be problematic at this small town. If you're not on tight budget, opt for the one-day package (often provided by the taxi or private car driver) that will cost you about 2,000 baht for like 3-5 destinations.

Woohoo.. It was a hectic day with lots of attractive destinations to be visited.
Yes, I headed to Greece followed by Swiss!
Classic white-washed building portraying picture-perfect town!
Santorini Park cheered up my day.
Amusement park is not my thing but I really love the architecture and the colour presented.
entrance fee: 50 baht

Next stop: Swiss Sheep Farm
A European-themed farm with sheep, horses, pony, alcapa, rabbit and more.
entrance fee: 120 baht
view from the lavatory haha

sheep feeding
say "mehhh"

feel the wool .haha
say "cheese"
travel, come back home and live in new perspective
let's take an usie!

Contrasting photo. I was melting due to the scorching sun!
3rd stop: back to Chat Chai Night Market area and had lunch at random restaurant before returning to hotel and cool down myself.
I don't like to eat instant noodle...
 but when I do, it is a must-try!
Thai King & Queen just came to Hua Hin!
 4th stop: Plearn Wan Vintage Village

bbq banana (it was hard :O)

garlic chives (reminded me of Evelyn!)
seriously, there were over 30 flavours!
The cream of this crepe (alright I don't know what is this called) has the scent of lotus and coconut. Sweet.

Last but not least, the Venezia!
Oh well, it closed as early as 8pm (contrary from what I've researched from the internet and the Hua Hin Pocket Guide which stated the closing hour at 9pm).
But anyway, I walked around while most of the lights were turned off.
oh Cinderella's pumpkin carriage!
spot the weirdo!
night view of  VENICE

My second day ended with a late buffet dinner.
No, I refuse to take photo of myself bingeing on food.
look at the huge Coke bottle! retro
Opps.. Did I tell you that I was at Thailand throughout the day? :P
(to be continued...)


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