Saturday, August 23, 2014

My first ever solo trip began right after my undergraduate studies.
I have always wanted to adventure and explore at overseas by myself.
bye Malaysia~
This thought emerged during my first trip to overseas at Hong Kong after Singapore when I planned the entire trip all by myself.
Planned for the itinerary, packed my stuff and there I headed off to the Land of Smiles.
Being well-known as a shopping & food paradise, a lot of people was shocked upon knowing that I bought the 10-day ticket to Bangkok.
Of course, I wouldn't be spending all my days at a single place - I went to a few provinces instead.
First stop after landed at Bangkok was the Southern part of Thailand - Hua Hin.

Bangkok to Hua Hin (4 - 5 August 2014) Itinerary (click to download or enlarge)
 * Please note that at Hua Hin town, tuk tuk to anywhere should be around 50 - 70 baht. Don't get charged for an arm and leg to reach a destination (especially at the tourist destinations).

* Rent a car or motorbike would save a lot on transportation cost (Hua Hin is a small town where accessibility would be a lil bit of problematic)!

4th August 2014 (Monday)
bus conductor start collecting bus fare 
As stated in the itinerary above, I took the van/ mini bus from to Hua Hin from Bangkok.
After around 3 hours journey, I've arrived Hua Hin safely.
G House Hotel was the hotel that I pre-booked earlier via the internet.
G House Hotel at Hua Hin
The sky turned dark as soon as I reached Hua Hin.
So after settling down at G House, I've took the free shuttle service provided by the hotel to the Chat Chai Night Market & Chatsila Night Market.
Also, to feed my growling stomach.
take note on the time, they are very punctual!
Had some local food along the Chat Chai and Chatsila Night Market.
seafood soup noodle 60 baht
 Chatsila Market is adjoint to the Chat Chai Night Market.
the entrance is hidden in between the stalls
 Peek into the Chatsila Market after a short "tunnel"...

inside the Chatsila Night Market
take the stairs and go up to the white wooden house and you'll discover a small museum like this...
mural painting of Hua Hin town
Well, I didn't take much photo on the first day as I was quite tired.

5th August 2014 (Tuesday)
Breakfast at the hotel vicinity
street food in the morning... 20 baht
I need a heavy breakfast! 50 baht
Passed by the school which is located right beside the hotel when I was hunting for breakfast.
Don't be allowed to take the dog inside the school.
bbq pork 10 baht
 So this is the far-famed Huay Mongkhol Temple, the largest statue in Thailand.

selfie with Huay Mongkhol lol
palm juice 20 baht
looks tiny eh... it was really huge
no description on this place but there were a lot of roaster statues!
picturesque nature view
strong wind blew along the way~
Next stop, Baan Sillapin Art Gallery, the Hua Hin Art Village.
Well, it's a hidden gem that's not easy to locate.
So yeah, transportation is scarce.
Baan Sillapin Art Gallery says Hello!
Mona Lisa (funny version)
oh I like this lotus painting!
painting in progress... * no disturb *
Oh my, I just love their smiles. Angelic!

They even decorate the trees
water colour painting <3 td="">
colours, love it!
Oh I'm gonna miss this :(
3rd destination: Market Village
Lunch at Santa Fe
Kurobuta Steak 159 baht
sauces & my kiwi juice
Looks nice but the scent was not as strong as I can get in Malaysia
My quick bite that I bought at 7-11 haha
At least something that I can munch on in the hotel...
Back to the hotel and rest for a while after visiting the Market Village.
It was actually a shopping complex.
Waited for the 6pm shuttle to the beach...
Hua Hin beach..
I like the feeling of immersing my legs into the sandy beach
panoramic view of the Hua Hin beach
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
I took a random stroll around the area until the sunset.
Spotted this restaurant with real lots of eaters.  
The staff were quite attentive irregardless of the high occupancy.
And I got a copy of the menu to read through before I was seated.
succulent, fresh & big prawns!
seafood dinner! 
look at the longg queue!
 I was lucky that the crowd was not so overwhelming when I was waiting to be seated.
 It was only a 5-minute wait.
The food was really fresh and delicious.
Total cost: 406 baht (including drinks).
tadaa... the popular restaurant
Alright, I can't read Thai but this is the corner restaurant with really high volume of customers!
This restaurant is just a stone's throw from the night market so yeah, I went for a walk again to soothe my bloated stomach.
As a marathoner, once again, I returned to G House Hotel on feet from the night market which was about 1.5km away.

(to be continued...)


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