Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy and... Thank You!

postcard from Milan, Italy
"'ve got a postcard from Milan, Italy.." my mum uttered as soon as I got home today.

Seriously, this came unexpected although I have been receiving updates from my friends that they have received my postcard that I sent during my trip at overseas.
To recall, I was struck with this random thought and posted this as my Facebook status earlier:

[Postcard Giveaways] At this internet age, sending postcards may seem old-fashioned. Yet personally I feel that this quaint, traditional postal method is still a charm (yes, for both sending and receiving it). It's definitely more delighting that it often resonate on a personal note, showing a degree of effort on the part of the receiver. Emails & PMs are not pretty; but postcards are. So now, while sending postcards are diminishing in this digital era, I'd like to play this:
Send me your house/ office address (via inbox message, NOT 'like' this status) & I'll send you (regardless of which country you're currently located at) a postcard when I'm at overseas (wherever possible).
Not sure how many people will notice this status but I'm thrilled to get this started! Cheerio~

I was doing it merely for fun and not once did I think of the reciprocity.
It was truly delighting and thank you my dear Crystal!

Today was supposed to be a tiring day as I only had around 4-hour sleep in the morning due to the band practice at night.
However, I was glad that I manage to get up on time from my bed and headed to my university.
It was a 1.5 hour journey, only for a 10-minute matter.
settled my graduate convocation fee
Up next, meeting my buddies whom I didn't meet for real long.
So yeah, we've jumped on the bandwagon of having meal at the hyped restaurant: Boat Noodle.
usie (with half of my face shadowed by my phone.. lol)
the same is lame.. haha
fruit salad (a tad spicy though)
iced thai coffee.. (opps, once in a blue moon)

there were only 4 types of noodles in the menu
Thai dessert which taste like kuih talam!
Checked on our last message, our last hangout was about 1 year ago before Teng Hooi was back to the United States.
Oh yeah, we had Thai food in last year too.
How time flies!
postcard from Japan! 
After that, we headed to Mid Valley as I have another meeting with my siblings...
I am not a fan of Jay Chou but it happened that he was at Mid Valley too.
So we waited for some while before he appeared after his meal at Amarin Thai Restaurant.
Actually we have some tasks to do during this hangout - to visit the IT fair and register for the Burst Asia 2014.
I don't really like pink - I'm having it to match with my favourite colour
I got these 2 power banks at really low price!
20,000 mAh x 2 units + one sports mp3 at only RM100.
The lowest price that I've seen in the market by now.
This promo came with a RM30 cash voucher which I then redeemed it for a yellow-coloured mp3 player.
They are national brand, manufactured in local with 2 years warranty (ah I feel a lot of safer to utilise it upon hearing cases of power bank explosion or fire case due to poorly-manufactured goods which often labeled as "Made in China").

got our tickets for the Burst Asia 2014 at the Rock Corner!
we were lucky to have this early bird rate!

At night, I had this homemade cheesecake prepared by my lil sister..
Although there are rooms for improvement in refining its texture but every bite is a taste of happiness :)
homemade cheesecake 
One of the best things in life come at the most unexpected moments.
And, one the best moments in life is spending time with your favourite people.

Thank you to all of you who made my day!

Lots of 


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