Monday, March 25, 2013

It was a 2 months+ long semester break including CNY holiday.
Just a brief & compendious summary of what I've accomplished in this period:
1. volunteered for OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013
2. competed in L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013 semifinal
3. had fun while working at outstation
4. rejected a global company's job offer (yet allowed myself to have more time flexibility & chances of learning)
5. worked for few events & enriched my job experiences
6. take up Korean language lesson (my 5th language!)
7. gained more rest finally instead of continuous hectic & busy schedule for years
8. rewarded myself with Ipoh & Hong Kong trip
9. found the charger for my camera after a long long search between M'sia & HK and it's now alive!
10. ultimately, spent more time with my family :)

my exhibitor tag during Malaysia International Furniture Fair 2013

new semester commenced today. it will be a colourful one!

Okay, of more rest and time for myself as well as with my family, this is one of the most enjoyable break that I had so far. 
I'm now rejevenated to thrive! :D


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