Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Aid Kit

Trapped in the traffic jam for more than 1 hour, and thus being late for work: my mood was totally ruined in the early morning.
Yet, knowing one thing upon meeting my colleague has changed my mind.
My case was so miniscule after all and I shouldn't be upset about it.
In fact, it made me realise the professionalism that employees should portray and the importance of having first aid kit with you all the time.
My colleague met an accident while he was on the way to workplace.
There were abrasions on his wrist, palm, around cheekbones and the back.
He didn't mention and continue to work till I discovered some of his wounds.
Clean the wound and disinfect immediately sprang up from my mind when I saw this.
Gosh, I was just sorting out my newly-bought stuff for my very own first aid kit yesterday night!

okay, I am still short of a toolbox to put all these in place, tweezer, bandage scissors, gloves and..

The kit shouldn't be just meant for my St. John duty but I should have brought it with me.
Not the whole thing but in this case, at least some alcohol swabs or antiseptic would help.
Well, I tried to get the first aid kit from the hotel staff but it seems that she doesn't know what is it.
It made me kinda doubt if the hotel prepares for it in the case of emergency.
The wounds were still bleeding after few hours and I know my colleague's pain (especially his injured back) from his expression though he didn't talk about it.
Kept telling me he's okay when I attempted to get at least some antiseptic for him and resume his work - this is the professionalism and responsibility that I salute (though I really don't encourage for such act, am really worried of the infection that one may get).
Sometimes, a petty injury can be detrimental.
Plasters and face shield that I always bring it along with me do not seem suffice...

Ah well, once again, it made me once again to have the urge to pursue for the AFA course.
The only thing that pulls me back is the 60 hours of attachment which is hard for me to commit with my current schedule.

"For the service of mankind"

is still fresh in my mind.


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