Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Awesome Possum Day

Having to drag myself out from the bed at 5am+ for my work at 7am is an arduous task, for me.
Alongside with experiencing traffic congestion daily to campus and now even to work, the thought of not applying for work at PJ area in the future were once sprang up from my mind. LOL
Sometimes the massiveness can drive me crazy in the early of the day.
Anyhow, my mood was instantly brightened up upon reaching the working venue.
Familiar voice was heard when I was helping out my colleague.
Hey, that was my former superior, James Y.
Few moments later, I recognised another face that I have not seen for years: Daphne C, my former director.
Not to forget, working onsite at last with Winson who was always been working in the office as well as Ken L, the audio guy.
Ah well, we are all now working in different companies yet same location.
What a coincidence.
Never would I thought of meeting them again as I sorta lost their contact.
We were once working at the same venue, for the same purpose, under same company and I was learning from them.
Glad that they are still able to recognise me after so long.

Another happy & unexpected moment was during my late lunch hour.
Due to the rush for my next destination, I was thinking of grabbing a few pastries or bread for my lunch at one of my favourite bakery & cafe, which happen that near to my onsite location this time.
As tantalising as always (which also made me hard to choose in between), I picked up a full tray of pastries & bread.

 ice pack for my cakes... how thoughtful :)

When I was about to make my payment at the counter, a man greeted and recommended the cakes to me.
Guess what, it was the Grand Chef of Bonjour Garden - Yukichi Matsubara.

somehow something wrong with my mobile phone and I didn't bring my camera along :s 

the Grand Chef: Mr Yukichi Matsubara
(I thought he was a Malaysian Chinese at the first sight. haha)

That was the awesome moment when you meet the person behind all these scrumptious pastries and breads.
I am such a lucky girl.
Well, there are outlets at Shah Alam, 1 Utama and Kota Damansara.
However, it was really sad that I didn't have my camera along and I was really in a haste.
Will post another blog post regarding the pastries & cakes, at my Food Blog too :D

There was a question from my former boss that struck on me during a schmoose which linger on my mind till now.
I found the answer for that finally!
I wish my judgement is correct and that will be my new career goal.
Thrive for that kit yee!

umm... What a day of surprises.. Awesome possum (^___^)


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