Friday, January 4, 2013

Things to Say before I Die

It's 2013.1.4.
Oh well, it's kind of a meaningful day especially for chinese (chinese, you know right).
Au revoir to the dismay of apocalypse (though I never believe it will happen at anytime soon), hello better 2013.
To kick-off my 1st post of the year, I found something interesting from the Forbes.
Originally titled as "40 Thing To Say Before You Die", yet I'm just so afraid that the page no longer accessible (or I may misplace the link), I'd rather re-blog (you may say it's something like copy & paste but no, this is not plagiarism!). heh

1. "I understand."

More important than being right, or being important, is being truly aware.

✔ - Some may simple say it to end a conversation, yet I only say this when I really undestand what's going on.

2. "I love you."

We all want to say this, and we all want it said to us.

 ✔ - Thanks to those wonderful people around me.

3. "I made a decision." 
Autonomy transforms any activity from a chore to an act of destiny.

✔ - Very often, it took me quite a long while to contemplate and decide on something important and yes, I made it.

4. "This is going to work."

When this is said truthfully, it's an assertion of power.

✔ - I don't say this often but I mean it when I say this. Just do what I said in that case.

5. "I'm terrified."

Fear is an asset. It can save you from danger and alert you to trouble. Don't ignore the tingles that run up and down your spine.

✔ - Fear is not an act of impotent sometimes. However, this should not be said frequently unless I am really afraid of something. It acts as a form of motivation in some way.

6. "I don't know how to do this."

It's better to admit it and learn than to fake it and embarrass yourself.

✔ - Yeah right, I don't know how to do that. Then, ask for help!

7. "I trust you."

We all need allies, and admitting as much helps forge alliances.

✔ - I don't often say it out, but I only assign task or share something to those whom I really trust. However, it is really saddening when that person breached your trust which explains my losing of trust on certain people.

8. "Let's go!"

Where you're going often matter far less than the enthusiasm you have for the trip.

✔ - Yeah right, breakaway!!!

9. "Eureka!"

Being the first to know something is a delicious sensation.

✔ - Aww... this reminds me of the moment when I got to know my team was qualified to enter the semifinal of L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013!

10. "Your secret is safe with me."

Because it feels deep-down good to be trustworthy.

✔ - Promise is a promise.

11. "I don't care."

Being able to discern between what's important and what's trivial is a skill that will save your sanity and your schedule.

✔ - It took me a great courage and struggle to utter. Yes, I don't care about it anymore.

12. "I earned this."

There's a layer of proud ownership over everything you possess that wasn't merely given to you.

✔ - That moment when you accomplished something upon putting loads of efforts and sacrificed for it. Hey, I did it!

13. "This is my favourite thing."

Enjoy what you love and say this as often as you can.

✔ - Ah, my buddies know based on what and how I can express it, easily :)

14. "Tell me more."

Really getting to know someone (or some topic) will help you better triangulate your own place in the world.

✔ - Like how? with my eyes wide open looking at you

15. "I'll try it."

Consider the impotence of never saying you'll try.

✔ - Saying this when I have no confidence on achieving it but I will give it a try.

16. "That was my contribution."

Own what you've worked to create - that's how your presence will be felt longer after you're gone.

✔ - This is not bragging but hey, I am the one who did that! But how many people actually realise that...?

17. "Get out."

It's always harder to take back an invitation than to give one, but protecting yourself from personified trouble is always worth the effort.

✔ - When you are not getting the fair treatment and it started to burden you, get out.

18. "This is who I am."

The nervous energy spent pretending to be something you're not is better spent on practically anything else.

✔ - So far I didn't say it but showing my nonchalantness.

19. "Hold the mayo."

Ask for the little things on a regular basis and you'll find that it's easier to make larger demands on occasion.

- Erm... Yet to say it out.

20. "I can master this."

The ability to learn is the foundation of every other talent.

- I will only say this to my superior or my boss. lol

21. "Damn, I look good."

You come from a long line of people who convinced others to sleep with them. Remember that.

- Erm.. Apparently, I'm lack of self-confidence and this sounds like a narcissist for me. haha

22. "Congratulations."

Say this without jealously. Practice if you have to.

✔ - Congratulations, your hard work is paid off!

23. "Isn't this beautiful?"

The more often you notice the gorgeous world around you, the happier you'll be.

✔ - I don't ask but say it as a statement. hehe

24. "I quit."

Not everything is worthwhile, and somtimes we don't find that out until we're in the middle of a rotten situation.

✔ - This is not easy for me to express yet I finally verbalised it upon contemplation, with a broken heart.

25. "This is wrong."

If you never say it, you embody the statement.

 ✔ - Yeah, I hardly say this. When I say this, I truly mean it.

26. "I want that."

Ask for it: that's you get what you covet - from others and for yourself.

✔ - 1 of the most frequent things that I said of all the phrases. HAHA

27. "I'm lucky."

You are lucky, in a way that no one else is. Now, what are you going to do with your good fortune?

✔ - Life is never a bed of roses. It's not to the extent that I am very unfortunate but I can't deny the fact that I'm lucky, in some circumstances.

28. "How can I help you?"

Because you want people to come to your funeral, and if they can't make it, at least they'll miss you.

 ✔ - Yes? How can I help you? By the way, the author's interpretation of this phrase is amusing. haha

29. "I did my best."

If this is true, you did something amazing.

 ✔ - I did my best, regardless of the outcome. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

30. "I am home."

Home is every adventure's final destination and starting point - and we all need one to call our own.

 ✔ - It was frequently mentioned especially during the days before X'mas & New Year. you know right? lol

31. "You're amazing."

 Let yourself be in awe of another person, and you'll feel strong and weak simultaneously.

 ✔ - Seriously, there are a lot of amazing people around me.

32. "I survived."

Moments of danger are the plot points of an exciting life.

 ✔ - Reminded me of the experience that I had white water rafting (yes the dreaded one) and the recent Penang Bridge International Marathon that I went for without much training done)

33. "I'm sorry."

But you can't just say it; you have to mean it. Really mean it.

 ✔ - My apology to all the inconveniences caused.

34. "I can do better."

As soon as you say it, you're that much closer to making it true.

 ✔ - But most of the time, I only realise this after the deadline :(

35. "That's enough."

Food. Drink. Pairs of shoes. Overtime. Articulating your own limits is powerful.

 ✔ - I wouldn't crazy over the best thing in the world but things that best suit me.

36. "Thank you for making this possible."

Because nobody does anything alone. We're driven and supported and thwarted by others at every turn.

✔ - Ah yes, I can't thank enough to all of you who made my event successfull and my life meaningful.

37. "I'm not finished."

Only you get to decide when your life's work is done.

- Does saying "I'll be back" synonym with this? Haha

38. "I believe in this."
A god, a plan, a company, a person, an idea - you have to put your faith in something.

✔ - Yes. Have faith!

39. "Today was good."

If you can say it once, you can say it again. And again. And again.

✔ - Take deep breath, say this and smile - things I always forgot to do in the morning.

40. "I wonder."

Give yourself time to think so the time you spend doing things will be better spent.

 ✔ - Having this thought in my mind and start thinking.......

Checking this list and realise there are only a few phrases that I have not said.
Well, this is not gonna take anytime soon to achieve that but hey, my life is not finished!
Happy 2013 readers!


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