Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 1
Random registration for the Penang Bridge International Marathon and there we went to Penang Island.
It was my final retreat in 2012 before my piling assignments, competition deadlines which followed by final exam.

The traffic was bad when we reached Georgetown.
Runners were invading Penang I guess.
Start scouting for food upon settling down at Penang to feed our growling stomach!
 our OOTD! :D
(we look like tourists from Indonesiaa.. xD)


 Yeah we know it's not 1 of the famous food at Penang but who cares when one is hungry?

After that, we departed to collect our Runner's Pack.
It was like amazing race that we kept searching on the map, turning round & round in Georgetown to get to the Gurney Plaza.
Then realising we went to the wrong place instead.
Yesh, the race pack collection was at Queensbay Mall!

with complimentary LED star in the race pack
(just kidding :P)

Not to forget to meet my long-lost old friend: KHeng over there :D

We headed to the seafood seaside village to have our dinner.
It was a belated birthday celebration for me too, they said.

Thanks for the treat! ♥
impromptu visitation to USM library

 view from USM hill

And... Supper!

 Nasi Kandar Beratur (yes, queue is a must!) only available from 10pm onwards
(Thanks Henderson for recommending it!)

Day 2
Having brekkie in the morning is indispensable in my life.
 "A hungry man is a cranky man."

Time to let the photos do the talking...


Mirrors street art by Ernest Zacharevic is a must-visit

 panoramic view from Clan Jetty

this is the first street art by Louis Gan!
p/s: it's always good to have tall bro xD

And and, the girl: Nicole!

 we were fortunate to meet the deaf artist - Louis Gan on that day!

 movie shooting is in progress..

 runners from China; guess Adidas sponsored them
 shoooo cute

the famous penang laksa, chao kuey teow, gai si hor fun & rojak!

 Next station: Penang State Art Gallery

 cures for food craver!

 heart chinese painting :)

le music cat

 formerly operating as Penang Free School

 colourful heritage row

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

what do you see? o.O

Han Jiang Temple 

the tasty har mee

China House!

 with our endless battle ludo

 Mexican style bar

 Art gallery at the upstair!

 family photo :)

art by Khew. haha

coconut ice cream to quence our thirst & heat

 mosquito patch

 camwhore with sis before we go to bed. hee

Seriously, we started to walk from 10am - 8pm+ within Georgetown
Of sun-burnt & sun-tanned and we really worked our legs before the marathon starting on the next morning!

Day 3
It was the big day - Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012!
Yesh, I join the run as a runner instead of a St. John Ambulance first aider finally
we did it!

 "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

 look at the crowd o.o

 brekkie after the run 

 Before leaving to KL...

bye Penang

 end this post with my camwhore pic using bro's iPad lol


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