Friday, January 11, 2013

Waking up in the morning, realising that my fever has got better, yay (acupuncture works!).
My plan of going back to my high school to farewell with my teacher can be carried on.

gosh.. my face is way bigger than Mr Chin 
(consequence of eating too much lol)

He, who has been serving Methodist Boys' Secondary School Kuala Lumpur (MBSSKL) for 33 years ever since his teaching career has finally come to an end.
He was the senior assistant of extra-curricular activities during my time before he was assigned to be a Form 6 teacher.
Although he had not taught me any academic subject, yet his guidance throughout the years will not be forgotten!
Mr Chin was one of the teachers that I will look for in almost every morning when I reach school or after school.
Having 5 posts in the Board, sports house and clubs, I need to get his advice and approval from things as simple as announcement notice to proposal.
As a matter of fact, MBS is a culture-rich centenary school that has its own set of protocols to adhere.
Coming from a new government secondary school where I was in the first batch, I was not exposed to these in the past 5 years.
Culture shock was common to those who enrolled in MBS.
Notwithstanding, things ran smoothly with Mr Chin's guidance along the way.
I still remember when I was organising my 1st ever event: MBS Idol, he was the one who examined my proposal, pointed out the mistakes and explained in detail for me to rectify before submitting it to the principal.
He also suggested good place that make trophies.
That was of great help for one who doesn't have much experience at that time while having the need to make trophies for few events.
Never once did I see him on fire.
He is a man of patience.
Well, it was really delighting when he still remembers me after so long.
No, I did not further my studies in music nor active in any music-related competition any more.
He thought I was the pioneer batch for the MBS Idol as it was one of the events that impressed him few years back then.
However, it was saddening that the Music & Choir Club that I was chairing was ceased after a year or 2 after I left.
The reason (finally unveiled) being was it requires a lot of commitment from not only students but experienced teacher while MBS place more emphasis on academic.
He wondered if there will be MBS Idol being organised in the future.
Thinking back, of so many events that were held and with the help from Photography Club every time, I realised that I have not taken any photo of him!
Yes, he is very low profile.

Except the class/ club/ society/ board photos that were taken annually...
Presidents' Council 2008/2009

Looking at the tags and badges, I really appreciate all my teachers, friends and morianz especially, not to forget my best partner: Benny Tham, School Captain 08/09 who made upholding these posts possible:
President of Music & Choir Club
Vice-chairman of Board of IT Brigade
Secretary of Photography Club
Treasurer of Doraisamy Sports House
Asst. Secretary of Athletic Club
Things wouldn't go on smoothly without the steering of Mr Chin

Garnering my experience in event management and running few clubs at once during my school life, it made me where I am today.

When I was on my way leaving the school, I bumped into Boon Sian, the Honourary School Captain if I am not mistaken looking nice with the full white uniform; Saran sitting like a model in front of the prefect room (how I miss the IT Brigade grey uniform).
Though it has been years that I have graduated from MBS, my short but precious memory during that period would last forever.
So much to say, but deep down in my heart I know I couldn't thank you enough Mr Chin!
To all TARCians taking A-level, you all will be lucky to have a good teacher very soon!

Kit Yee
Class of 08/09


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