Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am not sure if it portrays the current society or I am just being unlucky to encounter these
Umm.. Maybe I am just an odd one or I am indifferent from them.
I feel that sometimes people just couldn't complete a task being assigned to him or her, even if it is just a simple or menial one.
No matter how long was the duration given.
It is not a question of who should do or should the person do, it is about responsilibility.
Many times, it is one's responsibility to get it done.
It's ironic when the person-in-charge don't realise about their responsibilities.
Was it really due to time constraint, zemblanity, something happen to backfire, negligence, mere forgot, procastination, irresponsible or incompetent?
In the end, I would be the one clearing up the mess.
I don't mind helping on clearing the mess till I got hold for the responsibility and worst, being the one who got blamed or put into trouble in the end?
Seriously, while people are cheering over some so-called handover or watching the glorious moment, have you ever thought of how did it come about?
I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, to be frank.
This would be the last mess that I should be found clearing up.
It has reach my limit.
Disappointed, really

Though it doesn't really reflect on the current situation, but yeah, I want to have LESS DRAMA

It's not that I have more extra time compared to anyone else.
And yes, I am so going to continue my revision for my finals now.


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