Friday, February 8, 2013


Had a minor surgery on last Saturday.
Experienced excruciation for days, consumed the most painkiller pills in my life (though I really hate to take western medicine along the years), wasn't been able to chew any food for few days and barely speak clearly.

There was one point of time that I wish they are all sleeping pills that last for daysss

That was the period when food doesn't appeal to me.
Sleep, take medicine and rest was my daily routine.
Guess what, I even went through my first allergic due to that.
Red rashes and itchiness on my hands and legs.
Puzzled, I never had any allergy before and it was my second time changing the medicine or was it due to the mashed potato that I had.
My body cells repel to western medicine upon not taking it for years?
Impossible right? lol

Anyway, it allowed me to have the luxury in my life: sleep like never before.
I even got to loose weight for about 2kg.
Yeah, it was never in my mind to loose weight.
Till now I can feel the numbness.
Chinese New Year is coming and I wish I can recuperate as soon as possible!

 acupuncture again. still, I prefer TCM.


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