Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yamcha ♥

It's 3 months + of semester break after my finals!
I was watching Storm Warriors 2 (yeah, I know I'm out-dated but this is the latest version of Storm Raider atm!).

I've missed a lot of movies these days T_T
You can call me couch potato.. >.<''

It was such a luxury, laying on the sofa or chair and watch movies & dramas for me!
Guess what, I used to be a drama fanatic til I was so fully-occupied with all kinds of stuff and I had to refrain myself for keeping in touch with the screens~

And, received an unexpected call from my sis & bro to ask me out and yamcha..
Haha.. In fact, I just came back from there and now blogging...
It was such an excited one I must admit..

4 - 1 so there was only 3 of us...
Nope, this wasn't taken just now :P

We miss our leader cum bro, OMH!!!
p/s: this was taken during our Cameron Highlands 2010 trip by my lousy hp cam ♥

Can't wait for our next outing...!
Till then...



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