Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 21st!

It was an assignment-packed period and no, I did not throw a party or whatsoever like most of the people that celebrate their 21st birthday.
Another reason is, I think it's a day where we have to appreciate our parents especially mother for giving birth and nurturing us to what we are today.
Hence, there's no tradition in my family where we must throw a birthday party.
Yet, I was grateful to have a pre-birthday celebration by my food partner: JKie for a dinner buffet at Suki-ya, Pavillion KL.

Thank you JKie! ^^

On my birthday, my classmates and sisters had a surprise for me during the interval of our class.
I was so touched because it was really a busy week for us meeting the assignments' deadlines & presentation...
Thank you SEn & Bethany!  ♥ 

Thank you Natasha, Vita, Ju-Lian, Wei Wei, Jerrico, Fiona, Arnold, Ali, Devindran & Aizat! ^^

Also, a self-decorated cake by my cousie: Nigel!
Took me 3 days to finish it.. haha
Thank you dear

And and, special thanks to EYi for coming all the way and send me the birthday present to my doorstep..!
Aiks... Can't get to see you after so long
even though you came due to my absence at home that time...

Oh yes, thanks a lot to my orchestra mates for have a post-celebration after the orchestra practice!
The multi-language and repeated birthday song led by XSheng was indeed, amusing... xD
Thank you Jac, YSing, XSheng, LYun, Jamin, Roy, Vincent N! :)

Last but not least, thanks mum for the lovely present

♥ you loads~

Anyway, thank you again to all of my lovely friends (yes, including those who wished me be it on phone or the 300+ FB wishes)!!
Appreciate it lots~


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