Sunday, December 18, 2011

White Vengeance 鸿门宴

White Vengeance/ Hong Men Yan is a Chinese historic film directed by Daniel Lee, starring Liu YiFei, Feng ShaoFeng, Leon Lai, Zhang HanYu, Jordan Chan, Anthony Wong etc.

It's a decent movie albeit the aberrations that can't escape from the keen eyes of audience or history fanatics.
Undeniably with the interesting plot & actors + actresses that don't disappoint, I like this movie!
It's my 1st movie after my last movie that I had in July, yeah, few months ago.
In fact, I've watched this twice!
Both cantonese & mandarin version. Haha...
It's a 2 hours 17 minutes movie.
Well, you might get a bit bored at the beginning but trust me it's getting more exciting & thought-provoking as the story goes on.
The malay audience sitting at the front row even clapped when the movie ends!
I watched it at the first time with my friends and we find it amusing when Yu Ji & Xiang Yu get together at such short moment.
Yeah, on the same day they just got to know each other and the next thing is, they promised to be with each other forever.
Our first reaction at the cinema was "what? so fast?!"

The loyalty between Liu Bang & Fan Kuai as well as the love between Xiang Yu & Yu Ji was very touching.
Jordan Chan did a good job on interpreting the Fan Kuai character I must say.
And, the way Zhang Liang aided Liu Bang in circumventing Xiang Yu was interesting.

However, the ending was rather saddening, quite similar with the ending of Curse of The Golden Flower.
Honestly, though it's a historic film, I'd prefer if there's a happy ending.
I dislike story with sad ending :(

Anyway, Liu YiFei is still so pretty without much make-up :D


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