Saturday, April 9, 2011


I'm only in the 2nd week of my new semester but reaching home earliest at 8pm, latest at 12am!
Yeah, I am out from house by 7am almost everyday due to morning class.
I can't help dozing off at anytime including walking, seriously!
Microsleeping doesn't work on me as I've accumulated too much of sleep debts D:
Fret not, mainly this is not due to my curriculum but upcoming events & few things that I have to settle.
Oh yesh, just had performance during March Intake Orientation Night 2 days ago at Taylor's University Multi Purpose Hall with Taylor's University Symphony Orchestra :)
Well, it was sort of a warm up session for us before our Russian Roulette concert on 23rd April 2011 (Saturday) at 7pm!! 

Then, we took a group shot after the performance.

Spot me if you can! lol..
thanks to my height >.<

(photos credited to szi hang)

Well, it was a freaking tiring day and I only got to have 1 proper meal on that day D:
Hmm... went to listen a piccolo + flute lesson conducted by Brian just after the night performance...
It was a kinda creepy one as the lesson was located at the newly-bought weed-grown yard of an abandoned-like mansion which is just next to his house.
Anyhow, the echo projected was just nice to practice flute over there! haha
Then, get help from Brian to fix my problematic flute..!!
I was very emo till it is fixed temporary now.. Huhu...
Hopefully everything is alright till after the concert!
Many thanks to CErn & Brian!

* Big hug * to my dad who waited for me so long to get my flute repaired and take me for supper after that..
It was actually my dinner... T___T
It was over 12am when I get home...  x___X

Till then, I may not be able to blog actively...
Off to rest now... @.@


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