Sunday, April 17, 2011

Combined Boards' Day 2011

Flying Forward Together
Yeah right, it's in its 21st year this year!
It's an important event of the year for the 4 main boards of Methodist Boys Secondary School Kuala Lumpur: Prefectorial Board, Board of Information Technology (IT) Brigade, Board of Student Librarians & Sportsman (wonders if it's still existing this year) where certain boards of KL & Selangor secondary schools will be invited to this event.
This is my 3rd time going for this event, most probably my last time as most of my batch of board juniors & brothers are graduating very soon.
It has brought back so much of memories whenever I turned up to this event.
CBD 2009 was an epic!
Neither this year's as well.
It's worth though I skipped my 3 hours classes this time.

can you spot our signature? xD

 Chairman of BOSL 2008/2009 caught in the act! :P

did you see what I saw?

Somehow this time was full of musical performances......
Anyhow, EKein + Joel's performance was good.
I've got to watch your performance on stage though can't play with you together years ago.

the last performers!

the supporters... umm.. Monkeys' Boys School, no?  haha

The event ended with Water Game.
But yes, we seniors left earlier out of hunger.. haha.
We headed to Bar B Q Plaza @ Times Square with CLeong, CWay, Dickson, YYang, KYoong, CHaur, BTek, TSFG & Ruenn.


 After... ..... OMG, YYang dares to taste it D:

A memorable place since 3 years ago.
We didn't eat all together since years ago.
Of course, there were lists of epic words throughout the day.
Buffet, glass, 自由餐,自助餐,南北大道, wet... and the list goes on.
Anyway, it's such a great pleasure of meeting old friends and dear juniors again...
Would there be such a gathering next time?

Not to forget, thanks CWay for sending us :)

(some photos are credited to Chong Mun Yew)


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