Friday, April 1, 2011

BN Youth Job Fair 2011

What? Youth Job Fair?
Nah, I'm not going to look for any job in this fair but for my first St. John public duty after my last duty in last year.
Yeah, it's been 1 year ago since my last concert duty during S.H.E concert.
Of course, I've purposely dyed my hair to black in order to go back to this big family :)
400 bucks gone with no regrets!

 Opening ceremony by our Prime Minister

Well, did you know that you need not fasten your seat belt when you are sitting at the front seat of ambulance car?
I bet most of you do not know about this.
Neither I till I had my 1st experience sitting just beside the ambulance driver, EMAS.
Luckily it was not as terrifying as ambulance driver use to drive fast & furious... ROFL
The funniest thing was, I was holding the safety belt all the way though I can't find any receptacle to insert the safety belt.

Anyway, it was fun to duty with St. John Ambulance members...  :)
 shape origami by SJie =)


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