Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is it!

Featuring 57 players, Russian Roulette Concert, the 1st debut by Taylor’s University Symphony Orchestra was held successfully.
Guess what, there were 1000 seats prepared.
From what we've seen, it was FULL HOUSE!!
The president/ conductor, Sunny was once told me it was his dream to hold a concert before he graduates in this May after years of striving to establish the club and getting a lump sum of $ from Taylor’s to buy the instruments which was really not eaasy!
I guess it’s the dream of every founder of the club!

Sunny & I

Of course, it was always my dream to join orchestra though I’m already in KLPac Symphonic Band!
This is 1 of the reasons why do I learn flute as my minor instrument!

Speaking of the preparation of this concert, I really appreciate my musician friends who lend me a big hand when I was looking for musicians & rare instrument such as tuba to support and enhance the orchestra at the very last minute.
I never knew the music can be so great with the existence of tuba when Mr. Yeap kept on saying the missing of tuba!
It do touched our heart when tubas were played together with us :)
Some of them spent loads of time, effort and $ to come all the way long to help us and play in the orchestra!
Seriously, I was so desperate looking for tuba and tuba players.

heroes of the TUSO!

Patrick, Chris, Richard & WTian was just in time to solve our problem ^^
Many thanks to Patrick (tuba), Chris (tuba), Richard (alto sax), WTian (french horn), SFen (clarinet) & CErn (flute)!!
Besides, I’d like to thank Issac, WLeong, SYeu, YWei, WBing & Brian for guiding & assisting J
Thank you all!

Well, though this concert wasn’t prepared for long at all, quite a rush one I suppose but it was totally awesome!
There were actually many pro players in the team to make this a success.
Round applause to all of them!
It was such a great pleasure to get to know many new friends in the orchestra, especially the funny & inspiring coach, Mr. Yeap who came all the way from Perak and guided us!!

Mr. Yeap, the funny + inspiring coach during our rehearsal

Basically, here’s the repertoire of the concert:
Accapella Duet
by Tracy & Nana

Full Orchestra
Viva La Vida
Jai Ho

String Ensemble
Variations on an Irish Tune

Full Orchestra
Mission Impossible Theme

-          Intermission –

Full Orchestra
Hawaii Five-O

String Duet
by Szi Hang & Tjia Hwei

Fresco Harmonica Quartet
William Tell
Rock Around The Clock

Full Orchestra
I See You
Star Wars: The Phantom of Menace

Radetzky March

Not to forget, thank you very much for my siblings and friends who turned up and supported us in this concert!
Thanks Shir, Khew, Albert, HTing, KFong, CYean, ZQiang, LYi, Emmir and of course my family!!
Also, friends of mine who supported me mentally ^^

Supporters~  :D

The players~
fluto fluto!  

 cute cellist JHui & the violin soloist, SHang

clarinetist CChuan & chairperson of the concert Collin 

violist Ian & tuba player Chris  

 vice president Jac & drummer Malcom

And this was taken after the concert at Meeting Room...
It was just part of the $ from the concert! xD

Anyway, congratulations to Faye for being elected as the new president of Taylor’s University Symphony 
Well done to all the organizing committee for the success of this concert :)
Yeah, we’ll remember what have you lamented: '' I swear that within 2 years time, Taylor's Symphony Orchestra WILL BE a leading University Orchestra in Malaysia!''

Let's Strive & Stride Forward!

Spin the Music, Pull the Passion: We will Shine! :)

(more photos by ZYang at: )

Meanwhile, you'd like to listen to 1 of our songs :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow..i wish UTAR have band too but it is impossible since band instruments are expensive T.T
    The Mr,yeap from perak you mentioned is Sunny chew's ex band instructor right?haha..the world is so small,some of the performers are my friends^^
    Chris Wong said...
    wat a memorable event! and ur flute skill improve a lot too!
    Chris Wong said...
    wat a memorable event! and your flute skill improve lot too!!
    ~* kY *~ said...
    chris: hehe... thanks a lot! appreciate it :)
    janice: haha.. yeap! sunny is ur fren too? :D
    Anonymous said...
    not really,just know him from face..haha..he was sam tet school band's drum we all know him.haha

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