Monday, September 6, 2010

What a wonderful day

Yesterday morning was still raining relentlessly since the night before yesterday...

Such a super nice weather to laze and sleep on bed
Nevertheless, I got up and went for rehearsal.
Yeap, went for breakfast with RFatt & YWei before heading to rehearsal.
The place where we had our breakfast was selling different colours of mee!
I found out that after taking order...
Rofe, you should tell me earlier what...

After reaching our destination, other members were having sectional practice as usual.
My eyes were browsing for flutist...
but to my surprise, none of them turned up!
I know some of them were involving in the concert & performance @ KLPac, 1 U & KL Convention Centre so couldn't turn up for practice..
So many performances & concert were held on the same day.
What a coincidence...
Never thought of it happened that really no other flutist present.
But it was really my first time to play alone in the section when all the sections gathered & played the songs together.
Another special experience gained!
Big thanks to Bruce for correcting, guiding & teaching me some techniques...

Well, we went to have our lunch after rehearsal.
Jokes from WLeong made us can't help laughing when the dishes were served.
1 Stop would b a nice place to dine in if the number of flies reduced.

Then, we went on our next plan - attend Music Exchange Concert performed by KLPac Orchestra with Penang State Symphonic Band (PESSBAND) for a relaxing afternoon & support our band mates !
All-time favourite songs & well-known music e.g. James Bond, Mission Impossible, Superman Returns as well as Mamma Mia were played in the concert.
We spotted a youngest and smallest in size player on the stage!
He was playing his custom made (of course smaller size of that suits his height) cello!
How cute...
Oh yes, the solo part played by the saxophonist, KFong had caught our attention!
The percussionists were so intoxicated while playing the percussion instruments!
Umm... I think the concert will sound better if the mic for the oboe player wasn't place in front of her or place at Brian there instead.
Yeah, the sound of oboe was too outstanding, in certain part of the music, the sound projected by keyboard was a bit louder and covered some other instruments, created imbalance of the harmony...
Hmm... Some string instruments were not well-tuned I guess...
Sound check before concert is vital.
Wish all these conditions wouldn't happen on the concert that will be held in November.
Anyway, KLPac SB players are still the best!
Round applause for them!

After that, I went to KLCC for Bookfest 2010 & Piano Fair 2010.
Thanks Kemmi for sending...
Ran into TKuan & Denny over there.
They both really energetic and still manage to go there after having exhausting days & nights of rehearsal for the music exchange concert!
Oh yeah, dropped by at Yamaha Piano Fair before going back.
Wish I could own an AvantGrand too!
* drooling *
A fully-occupied & contented day...
So wonderful~


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