Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raya Holiday

One more day to go and here ends my holiday...
I didn't even have chance to really gather with my friends & siblings...
Turned down their invitations, again.
I miss them so much... sob...
I only have 1 week Raya holiday compared to most of my friends who have 2 weeks holiday!
Let's see...
This holiday I shall complete:
ECN, EWE, ACC individual and group assignments!
What's more, mid term exam is on 20th!!
Don't really have much time on slacking & lazing around...

Anyway, I shall be glad that this holiday isn't that pathetic as I still manage to celebrate for KLang & MYen's birthday at night!
Just came back from MYen's birthday celebration cum gathering.
Was kept yawning for the whole day...
Most probably due to being disturbed in barbaric way when I was sleeping early in the morning.
Yeah, my sister barged into the room and shouted at me few times for nonsense.
Bro and friend's message & morning call.
Twice in a day, and it has been thrice in this holiday!!!
Gosh.... I really hate this.
My mood for that day definitely ruined and most important, I really feel very fatigued in the rest of the day.
So friends and family, please don't wake me up by any means when I was resting unless there's any thing urgent.
I don't know what I will do when my patience is up to the limit.

Anyhow, I will upload some of the photos once I got the photos from my friends.
Signing off for rest!

"You are going to sleep at such early? This is so not like you..."
Sigh... My eyes can barely open currently or I will found sleeping in front of my lappy if I am not getting to my bed, now!

(wishing for a sound sleep till I wake up volitionally tomorrow!)


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