Thursday, September 9, 2010


Guess what was I doing moments ago...
Yes, learn how to breath!

You may think "LOL, who doesn't breath as long as he/she's alive?!"
I was having online teaching breathing session by Brian just now in order to play my flute well.
The funny future doctor, JS suggested me to get some adrenaline injection or tiotropium in order to solve this problem instantly.

But he added, he won't be responsible if anything happens and don't sue him.
Anyway, I really have to keep whatever Bruce, Brian & my teacher's words in mind.
It's in red alert and I don't have much time on it!
Practice, practice & practice.
Do it properly, patiently and with persistency!
Push myself and get more advices once I've achieved this simple mechanism!

Somehow, I can feel the emptiness in my stomach and started to feel hungry after practicing...
In fact, I am snacking while blogging in front of my lappy, with a glass of hot milk beside me.
I think that's all I can practice before sleeping (and snacking)...

Put more effort on it!! (after having a great rest... hehe)

I can do it!!

Nites reader!

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