Thursday, September 2, 2010

UOnline TalenTine

" Sorry, the book that you are looking for is still out of stock and we are not sure when is the stock arriving... " from EMO bookstore. 

 Aw.. EMO bookstore, now you really make me EMO!! ._.

Maybe you would think that I am very emotional... LOL
In fact, I've been looking for this book everywhere e.g. MPH, Popular Bookstores, Borders, University Book Store and EMO bookstores for few times and getting the same answer.
It's been more than 1 month already!!
How am I going to study without the book...
Life's so tough without books for referencing and completing assignment... especially TEXTBOOK!

However, I've received an email just now and it has really brighten up my day.

"Dear xxx,
Kindly be informed that we have already pack the requested item and will sent it to xxx Library...."
Yes, the book I've requested to borrow will be sent to my campus and I can collect it most probably on tomorrow!!

I happen to like my campus' library very much...

By the way, UOnline TalenTine Audition was held today.

My friends and I were quite impressed by the beat boxer!
It was cool!
Besides that, there were some sort of bazaar was held in conjunction with the audition, I guess.
We nearly late to class due to too obsessed of watching the performance by the participants...
Yes, Dylan Leong was there as 1 of the judges!
Not much performances that we managed to watch on account to time constraint... =(

Oh yeah, the mark for the first assignment is already out and my group managed to obtain the highest mark in our class!
Good job to all the members :)
Wish all of us can strive better in our upcoming assignments ^^

1 more thing that I wish to inform my friends...
I couldn't sign in as usual via Windows Live Messenger.
Hence, anything please drop me an email, inbox message or text me!
I don't online often, and even if online, I couldn't send any file to you through the conversation window.
Apology to any inconvenience caused.

Having difficulty in signing in has inevitably caused many inconvenience in my life.
I've tried many ways to solve it,
such as re-installing it, change firewall settings, change internet browser's option, delete contacts folder, online using other computer etc...
If anyone was facing the same problem as me, couldn't sign in with a pop-up window stating that contact list is not available, with error code 85ae000b, and managed to fix it, please do let me know how you did it!!

Not to forget,
Raya holiday is coming VERY SOON!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Malay friends!
Maaf zahir dan batin..
Haha... :D


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