Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 6 (9 November 2013) 
Celebrate birthday in my dream land - and yes my dream came true!
Thanks Seonyoung for the cake.
It was from the Paris Baguette, a famous bakery in South Korea that you can spot it everywhere!
(the raved Tour Les Jours in Malaysia was not that commonly seen over there though)

 my first try on soju!

everyone was so tired after one whole day of activities
 Thanks for the celebration and arrangement guys ;)

 selfie at the traditional guesthouse (hanok 한옥) that we stayed. hehe

Gyeongbokgung 경복궁
heart melts when you see these heavenly scenes are right in front of you!

busy adjusting the angle of group photo
smile :)

oppss... cant fit all the heads

such a beautiful street view
way back to guesthouse
looks pro wey
yipee.. photo with the amiable landlady, Seonyoung :)

the thinker
best spot for photography xD
we're leaving soon!
there we off to Busan!
yup, KTX it is!

The journey to Busan was about 2 hours.
Quickly, we fed our stomach at a random restaurant nearby the hotel upon settled down.

octopus feast - a very spicy meal!!!

3D Rider (something similar to Genting's Motion Master)
Busan's most famous beach: Haeundae Beach 해운대해수욕장
 Busan Aquarium 부산아쿠아리움 was just located by the beach.
looks familiar eh?
the Goldfish Ang
let's jelly-fishing without Spongebob!

underwater music staves
what's that beside me D:

makes me thought of Sandy
photo with the shark!
hey, Nigel's clan xD
Honestly, I prefer Aquaria KLCC. hehe

It was a downpour after our visitation at Busan Aquarium.
We only managed to depart from there after waited for the rain to stop for about half an hour.
Eventually I got myself a new umbrella at Daiso.

Up next, we headed to the Lotte Mall.
Pepero Day falls on 11 November so you can see aplenty of Pepero, almost everywhere!

 look, they have myriads of flavours & packaging.. awww...

"Dai Lo Yau" at the first sight.
Cantonese, if you know what I meant xD
I don't really fond of ice-cream...
..but I can't help getting one!
it's a double-sided fruit ice-cream
Last but not least.. what else that you can do at night when outside was freezing?
super NUT mask to pamper ourselves

what I did on my birthday in 2013:
- spent my time at oversea, to be specific: my dream land (oh my, I love the cake!)
- first try on soju (felt dizzy but I was still sober-minded)
- oh yes, celebrated in the Korean traditional house 한옥
- experienced one of the coldest night ever: downpour + gale! felt like below 0 degree celcius
- tasted spiciest meal of my life (yeah you can imagine how do I look like when my tears and mucous are all coming out)
- got myself an ice-cream (am not a big fan of it but froyo!); tempted by its flavour and special look lol

such a bliss to spend my big day at this wonderful place with wonderful people... seriously, I'm one of the blessed people in the world. Ailee, Karen, Nigel & William thank you so much :)
what a thrilling big day of mine

stay tuned for the final post!


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